If you’ve spent a moment exploring our site and reading about our family’s history and the birth of Bend Soap Company, you will know that we’re enthusiastic about goat milk. And, perhaps more important, we’re huge fans of soap made from goat milk. We first started treating our boy’s skin with it and after seeing how it helped heal and nourish his skin we determined to release our incredible invention with the world.

Alongside our original Unscented Goat Milk soap which is made with only four ingredientsraw goat milk coconut oil red palm oil and olive oil we’re also selling 15 other kinds that are blended Natural Soap with essential oils that are all natural to provide the perfect spa-like, relaxing experience within your bath. However, this goat’s milk soap isn’t only to be used for bathing. We’re big believers in multi-tasking and our tiny bars of goodness from goat milk are masters of versatility.

You may be looking to achieve smooth shaving or to locate a baby wash can be trusted the goat-milk soaps will be perfect for you. There are five completely unimaginable ways to make use of these soaps:

Shaving Cream

If you’re looking for an easy, clean shave the thick lather will be the lubricant you need and also an insulator between the skin of your face and blade. Traditional shaving cream manufacturers are aware of this, and therefore make their products particularly dense and creamy. To get this effect, they usually employ sodium lauryl Sulfate, ingredient that may cause irritation to the skin and has been found to be highly sensitive to eczema sufferers.

The good news is that there’s no need to use shaving creams that contain a variety of ingredients when you could just massage your skin with our vitamin and nutritious goat’s milk soap. In addition, the coconut and olive oils found used in our soaps be an efficient lubricant, but also the humectant properties in the goat milk ensure that your skin stays smooth and moisturized for a long time after your shaving session.

It is ideal for guys who like a more masculine scent, yet wish to nourish their skin at the same time.

Solid Shampoo Bar

There’s a reason these shampoos Goat milk lotion have been taking over the market for hair care by storm They’re also greener because they require much less packing, water and water than conventional shampoos, they’re also enjoyable (and simple!) to use. For one thing there is no reason why anyone wouldn’t swap their bulky shampoo bottles in exchange for an efficient bar?

While the majority of shampoo bars are designed to be used on hair Our goat milk soaps can be used for your face, body, and even your hair. This also reduces the footprint of your body, while saving space on your shelves and spending a lot of dollars spent on the products.