Content advertising method thoughts for 2023

We advertising can all agree that content material is king! And it will retain to dominate advertising and marketing sem + write for us programs this coming yr.

Now that 2023 is right here, we are faced with many new trends and gear. It could seem daunting and overwhelming to begin developing your content advertising strategy, and you find your self asking, “in which do I begin?” i’m right here to help!

Here are my 2023 content material marketing techniques:

Create greater video content material

Maximum enterprise proprietors, marketers, and entrepreneurs generally tend to have a love-hate courting with video content, and maximum probable, you do too. You know it’s an powerful manner of advertising and marketing and increasing your target audience, therefore, growing your revenue–alternatively, it may cost a little you $$$ money to supply strategic brilliant video content material, and it’s time-ingesting if you don’t do it proper.

Fortunately, you can get video cloth with out spending a ton of attempt by way of the usage of these procedures:

Re-the use of vintage content material or the use of consumer-generated materials is a brilliant manner to start. This makes it easier without having to start from scratch.

Repurposed excessive-acting content ideas you’ve got used within the past.

Film the usage of a blog as your script.  The key’s to utilize a blog that has ranked properly and is a topic your green marketing audience desires to study.

Edit an old video to make it new again. Identical because the weblog, use a video that plays nicely.

Refilm an vintage video to make it sparkling and updated with well timed information.

Promoting your content material thru other social media systems and electronic mail advertising is a first rate method to get your films out into the world. Don’t neglect to try this!

Video content material is an amazing way of communicating with capacity customers. It allows them research extra about your enterprise. You can create motion pictures about product tutorials, provide enterprise-precise pointers, or even use your consumer achievement memories as a testimonial. Making an informative video makes it enticing in your target audience and interesting on the equal time. 

Don’t overlook to measure your outcomes to hold improving your content marketing strategy in the long run. 

Putting your video on structures together with YouTube and Vimeo gives you first rate analytics to devise for.

Invest in AI- Generated content

AI-generated content material is a superb way to increase many ideas with minimum attempt. I endorse using AI equipment to create thoughts to your advertising and marketing content. You may nonetheless should have a human evaluation, edit, and re-write what the AI device generates. The gain of using tools like this is that it facilitates generate ideas quicker and at a decrease fee than the conventional techniques…like banging your head on the desk.  Just kidding. 😉

I advise the usage of an AI-generated content material device simplest if you are prepared to work on it. You’ll nonetheless have to edit, assessment and rewrite some thing the AI device spits out. The real gain is with the aid of the usage of AI to generate thoughts.

AI-generated content is just turning into usable, so don’t anticipate it to be the answer to all of your marketing prayers. You continue to want a human to do the method, enhancing and humanizing to make AI content material work.

AI can be top and evil. Use it accurately.

Increase focus on user enjoy

Person enjoy is one of the most crucial interactions someone has together with your logo. From cognizance and discovery all the way right down to purchase and loyalty. Research have proven that almost 60% of people will likely purchase from a organisation with a great person enjoy by myself. That brings us to the query, “What is a great person experience? How do you ensure your logo has one?”

Consumer enjoy is maximum associated with your internet site. Proper user revel in is about authenticity. Ensure the interactions your website has along with your audience feel natural and intuitive. This also applies to all of your social channels, virtual stores, and content.

A terrific way to create an authentic and remarkable person revel in is via making video content for all your advertising structures. Cater in your target audience’s wishes and motivations for every stage of the client’s adventure, then create name-to-moves to provide them a very last push closer to the conversion factor. This will be via downloading a manual, signing up for a mini-video lead magnet collection, or maybe scheduling a demo with you.

Consumer revel in is continually evolving. It’s far crucial to hold up with what’s trending and pleasant practices. Making user enjoy a concern can assist create a extra welcoming and profitable on line environment.

Prioritize social media structures in step with their demographics

This is an oldie however a goodie. I’m surprised at how many human beings are nonetheless no longer customizing their channels! When thinking about your subsequent content material advertising approach in your social media money owed, there’s no one-size-suits-all approach. The platform that works nice to your business will rely upon various factors, consisting of your content approach and your audience. With that in mind, right here’s a quick manual to help you prioritize which social media structures to attention on based on their demographics:

– in case you’re a teach, promoting on-line guides, emblem building, or selling low-cost products, Instagram and TikTok are precise bets.

– in case you’re concentrated on families, constructing consciousness in your nonprofit, or selling low-value merchandise, facebook is a great desire.

– in case you’re focused on businesses or other experts, LinkedIn is the platform to be on.

Of direction, this is just a popular overview. For the most effective social media approach, it’s constantly best to seek advice from a content material strategist and build a method across the 2-3 structures where your audience is. You don’t need to be on all the structures.

Partner with different manufacturers for content syndication

With regards to content material syndication, two heads are better than one. By means of partnering with other brands, you may attain a broader target market and bring better-nice content material. Right here are a few thoughts for methods to work together:

– Video interviews: conduct joint interviews with specialists on your enterprise. That is a super way to get numerous views on warm topics.

– Podcasts: associate with any other logo to release a podcast collection. This can be a extremely good way to reach new audiences and build buzz around your logo.

– visitor running a blog: Invite visitor bloggers from different manufacturers to contribute in your blog. This may help you faucet into new expertise pools and create fresh, original content material for your readers.

By means of partnering with different brands, you may make the most of your content and reach a bigger audience. Plus, it’s a awesome way to construct relationships with other enterprise leaders and boom visibility on your brand. So pass ahead and begin brainstorming a few partnership ideas!

Test with new formats, consisting of podcasts and stay movies

As any true scientist is aware of, experimentation is fundamental to creating new discoveries. The equal is authentic when it comes to content advent. With the aid of attempting out new formats, including podcasts and stay motion pictures, you can open yourself up to an entire new global of opportunities. Not most effective will you be capable of attain a much wider target audience, however you’ll also have greater fun in the technique. Simply don’t forget to be steady with your content material, irrespective of the format. In spite of everything, even most experiments want a firm basis to be successful.


As you can see, there are many ways to live in advance of the curve in content marketing in 2023. From prioritizing social media platforms to experimenting with new formats, there are masses of opportunities to make your content stand out and drive consequences. If you need help getting began with any of these content material advertising trends, give REBL a call. We’d be satisfied to chat with you approximately how we can assist take your content material advertising method to the following stage.