It seems like the days of flying through beautiful skies are over for good. The seats are smaller, there is less room for your legs, and everything, from bags to snacks, costs more. But that doesn’t mean we have to just accept that air travel is something we have to deal with. Even with government safety rules and people who snore beside you, there are plenty of ways to improve travel.

In this piece, we’ll list some things you can do to have a good flight.

Airline Status And Itinerary 

Airline status can be lucrative. It will also improve every flight. Airline status allows lounge access, business or first class upgrades, and shorter wait times.

This is one of the few plane travel advice you can’t change on the day. You can only fly a lot with one airline ahead of time. You can only get airline status by earning enough frequent flyer miles. Your chosen airline will start treating you better. You can use a Schengen visa dummy ticket for your visa application process and can mention in your cover letter that you are submitting a flight itinerary explaining your travel plan.

Bring A Sleep Kit

Sleep kits can be bought in most airport gift shops, or you can make one at home to keep with your bags. The most important parts of a sleep kit are a U-shaped travel pillow and an eye mask to keep the sun from shining in through the clouds.

You’ll also want to block out as much sound as possible, which headphones can help you. Noise-cancelling headphones can also make a big difference if you have the money. Even a baby crying or an aeroplane engine can’t be heard through them, even if you’re not listening to music. The last thing you might want to put in your sleep kit is a small blanket or a big shawl.

Check Your Carry On

This works only if your bag is already the right carry-on size. If you get to the gate with your luggage and one more bag and the flight is complete, the flight attendants will often ask people to check their bags to make room in the overhead bins.

Don’t miss this chance! They’ll tag your bag and give you a ticket. Even if you have to switch planes in the middle of your trip, your bag will be checked to your destination. In the bedroom, all you’ll have with you is your purse or laptop bag, which has everything you need, like headphones, a book, or a sleep kit.

Pay For Wifi

Many airlines now offer wireless internet in-flight for a fee, which is excellent news for business tourists and people who are always online. Always try to make a flight reservation with an airline that provides such facility. But for people whose time is worth money, staying active and in the know while in the air is worth it.

The price is reasonable, especially if you can put it on your business card. One example of this service is Gogo Inflight Internet, which costs about $12 for one flight’s internet service. For people who move a lot, a monthly pass costs about $30.

Bring Hand Sanitiser

Handwashing is accessible on the ground with soap and water. Both are also in the aeroplane bathroom, so use them. But sometimes you’re sitting in the window seat, hungry, with lunch on your tray. Wait! Do not grab that meal! At least not yet. First, put some hand sanitizers with alcohol in your fingers and rub it around.

Everyone touches aeroplane armrests, tray tables, overhead bin handles, in-flight magazines, light switches, and more. Taking simple precautions, like washing your hands, can help keep some germs from other people out of your body.