Kedarkantha is a place where you will find peace and heaven in one place. One of Mahadev’s places is the Kedarkantha. One of the 14 jyotirlingas is Kedarkantha. Kedarkantha is one of the 4 dhams. Well, Kedarkantha is situated in Rudraprayag which is in Uttarakhand. Kedarkantha is 86 kilometres from Rudraprayag. 

Well, Kedarkantha is the most ancient temple in India. It has been said that Pandavas built the Kedarnath temple. The temple is situated near the Mandakini river surrounded by Himalayan mountains. The climate here is unpredictable. This is the reason April to November is the best time to visit Kedarkantha. So, if you are planning to visit Kedarkantha that you should visit then take care of the season and month. 

Now that we have talked about the timings, we should talk about what things you should carry with you if you are visiting Kedarkantha. In this article, we are going to discuss what all things you should carry in your luggage if you visit Kedarkantha. Well, from basic things to important things you should carry we will tell you about all the things. This backpack will make your trip comfortable and productive. 

You will never regret reading this article. Let me tell you that you will not reach Kedarnath temple by car or bus because of the road. You will reach Gurikund from your departure place. From Gaurikund you will get some facilities like ponies and horses for your comfort. But let me tell you these facilities will only waste your time and money. You will not even be able to enjoy the beautiful viewpoints on the way to Kedarkantha. 

Kedarkantha trek is a 15 to 16 kilometres trek that will take around 5 to 6 hours to reach your destination which is Kedarnath temple. Well, the trek way is a step way. You need good physical health for trekking in Kedarkantha. You do not need any prior experience in trekking for the Kedarkantha trek. All you need is excitement, and joy and, you are good to go to see Mahadev’s place. 

1- Warms clothes 

Kedarkantha’s weather is unpredictable here. You should have very warm clothes with you that will keep you warm and active. 

2- Raincoat 

You can even face rainy weather in Kedarkantha while trekking. You should keep a raincoat with you and an umbrella also. If possible keep a windproof jacket with you. 

3- Slippers 

Keep a pair of slippers with you because only slippers will make you comfortable here. Also, keep snow boots with you if you are going in winter. If possible keep a pair of hiking shoes with you as you are going to trek here. 

4- Walking stick

There are some ways like ponies and horses which will help you and take you easily to Kedarkantha temple. But if you are an adventurous and curious person you should reach Kedarnath temple by trekking. So for your ease keep a walking stick with you or a trekking pole. It will help you while trekking. 

5- Medicines

The most important thing to carry with you while travelling. If you are suffering from any disease then keep those medicines with you. A Diamox for altitude sickness, necessary medicines for headache, stomach ache, and vomiting. A band-aid or a first aid box, a muscle pain relief spray. 

6- Accessories 

Keep sunglasses to keep your eyes safe from Sun rays. Keep sunscreen lotion with you to keep your skin safe from UV rays. A lip balm for your glossy lips. A torch with extra batteries. A charged power bank for your mobile phones and mobile phone charger. Sanitizer, tissues, soaps, a toothbrush with paste, a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated, some food stuff like biscuits, energy drinks, ORS, glucose, and some fruits. And the most important thing is a camera to capture those memories. Some poly bags to keep garbage in it. 

7- Documents

Keep a photocopy of some of your documents which will be required in Kedarkantha. The documents like an aadhar card, voter id, your passport size photo. Keep these documents in a safe place. Keep some extra money with you in a safe place for emergency purposes. 

Well, these are the most important and basic things that we have talked about. We have talked about almost everything about things to carry on the Kedarkantha trek. We hope this article will make your trip memorable and comfortable. Let me tell you one thing more, there are places where you can stay and have a meal of your choice. There are hotels and Dharamshala available in Kedarkantha for visitors with the best facilities.