The Alaska State Museum is a place of exploration, discovery and learning. It offers a unique opportunity to connect with the history of Juneau in an engaging and inspiring way. Located in downtown Juneau, this illustrious museum provides visitors with access to an unforgettable experience that will bring them closer to the city’s past. From its vast collections of artifacts, photographs and documents to interactive displays and educational presentations, there is something for everyone at the Alaska State Museum!

This captivating museum showcases the fascinating story of Juneau’s growth from a small fishing village into one of America’s most vibrant cities. Through an array of permanent exhibitions and temporary exhibits, visitors can journey through time while exploring important aspects of Alaskan life that have shaped our culture over centuries. With knowledgeable staff on hand to answer any questions you may have about the historical significance of particular items or events featured throughout the museum, you are sure to gain insight into Juneau’s impressive heritage like never before.

So come explore all that awaits you at the Alaska State Museum – where knowledge meets adventure! Visit us today to uncover stories that will transport you back in time and ignite your imagination as you discover more about what makes this great city so special.

Overview Of The Museum

The Alaska State Museum in Juneau offers a unique opportunity to explore the history and culture of this great state. Visitors can gain an insight into life in Alaska throughout different periods, while learning more about its people, their cultures, and how it has affected them over time. The museum is filled with exhibits that provide a comprehensive overview of the state’s past and present. From artifacts depicting traditional Native Alaskan lifestyles to modern displays showcasing contemporary art and industry, there is something for everyone.

The museum also houses an extensive collection of photographs from various parts of the state – including some taken by early pioneers during their travels through what was then known as Russian America. There are also interactive maps which show visitors where they can visit today to observe nature and wildlife up close. For those interested in diving deeper into the region’s history, the museum features several educational programs aimed at imparting knowledge on topics such as land use rights, resource conservation, and subsistence living.

Beyond these educational offerings, visitors will find plenty to do around the museum itself; exploring local shops or taking part in cultural activities like storytelling or dance performances are just some ways one can get involved when visiting the Alaska State Museum. Transitioning now to discuss the many exhibits available at this renowned institution…

Exhibits At The Museum

The Alaska State Museum is an impressive collection of artifacts and art that tell the stories of Juneau’s vibrant history. Visitors can explore a variety of exhibits, each offering insight into different aspects of Alaskan life. From indigenous artifacts to gold mining tools, as well as maritime relics and natural history specimens, visitors have plenty to pore over.

Alaska art also has its own section in the museum, with various pieces from Native American cultures along with those created by other local artists. The colorful pieces are sure to captivate viewers who wish to learn more about the cultural heritage of this great state. Meanwhile, displays dedicated to historical figures such as miners and pioneers remind us of their contributions towards building up this region’s economy and culture.

No visit would be complete without exploring what lies beneath the surface – literally! In one corner of the museum there is an exhibit featuring fossils found across Alaska, giving guests a glimpse into how it looked millions of years ago. These remnants offer a fascinating look at Earth’s ancient past while reminding us just how remarkable our planet really is. With so many engaging exhibits on display, visitors are sure to leave feeling inspired and enlightened after learning more about the history of Juneau through these tangible reminders of its rich heritage.

The History Of Juneau

The Alaska State Museum provides an expansive and immersive look into the history of Juneau. From its origins as a Native American fishing village to its modern-day status as capital of the state, this museum is home to artifacts that tell a story about Alaskan culture and heritage. Here are some highlights:

* **Native American History** – Explore archaeological evidence from Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian indigenous cultures including pottery shards and other items used in everyday life by these groups.
* **History of Juneau** – Discover how the city grew from its humble beginnings to become the vibrant metropolis it is today. Learn about key events such as the Klondike Gold Rush and World War II’s role in shaping the area’s economy.
* **Alaska State Museum** – Experience first-hand what makes this museum so special with interactive displays and hands-on activities for all ages. Get up close views of rare works of art collected over many years.
* **Alaskan Culture** – Immerse yourself in traditional stories told through artwork or take part in music performances featuring centuries-old instruments made by native craftsmen.

By visiting the Alaska State Museum, visitors can learn more about Juneau’s rich past while enjoying unique artifacts and collections on display throughout its galleries.

Unique Artifacts And Collections

The Alaska State Museum is an excellent resource for learning about the history of Juneau. It houses a vast collection of Alaskan artifacts, spanning all eras and cultures of the past. Whether you’re looking to learn more about Tlingit or Russian culture, or want to examine a variety of objects that tell the story of early settlers in Juneau, this museum has something for everyone.

Visitors can explore collections from local archaeological sites as well as exhibits on the fur trade, gold rush days, and other aspects of life in 19th century Alaska. In addition to these displays, special educational programs are offered where visitors can participate in activities such as weaving demonstrations and have the chance to handle some artifacts themselves. The knowledgeable staff at the Alaska State Museum can provide further insight into each artifact’s cultural significance.

For those who would like a deeper exploration into Juneau’s rich heritage, guided tours and special events are available throughout the year. These offer another great opportunity to experience what makes Alaska so unique!

Guided Tours And Special Events

The Alaska State Museum offers a variety of ways to explore Juneau’s history. From guided tours and special events to museum-led exhibits and interactive demonstrations, there’s something for everyone.

For those seeking an engaging tour experience, the museum hosts several guided tours throughout the week. These informative sessions are led by experienced docents who can answer any questions you may have about local history and culture. Additionally, our special events calendar is constantly updating with new activities throughout the year, from lectures on maritime archaeology to family-friendly art workshops.

We also offer various exhibit tours that provide guests with in-depth information about specific artifacts or subject areas within the museum. Our expert staff will guide visitors through each room as they explain the significance of certain objects and stories featured in our collections. All these exciting experiences make it easy for anyone to learn more about Juneau’s rich past!
Transitioning into education programs: The Alaska State Museum also provides educational programs for all ages, such as classes tailored to school curriculums or fun summer camps perfect for kids.

Educational Programs For All Ages

The Alaska State Museum offers educational programs for all ages. Our children’s programs include hands-on activities and summer camps that teach kids about the history, culture, and art of Juneau. We also provide school groups with guided tours and access to our exhibits. In addition, we offer a variety of interactive educational activities throughout the year.
For adults, we have classes on topics like Alaskan history, Native American cultures in Alaska, and more! There are even talks by local experts who can share their knowledge with visitors.
We strive to make sure everyone has an opportunity to learn something new while they’re here at the museum. Whatever age or interest level you may have when it comes to learning about Juneau’s past – there is something here for you!

Accessibility Information

The Alaska State Museum has been making sure its visitors experience Juneau’s rich history in a way that is accessible to everyone. We are proud to say that we offer wheelchair accessibility throughout the museum, as well as audio guides and sign language interpreters for those who need them. Additionally, our tactile experiences allow visually impaired guests to explore the artifacts and exhibits through touch. Furthermore, all of our galleries have visual aids available so visitors can learn more about what they are seeing.

In order to provide an enjoyable visit for everyone, here is a list of features available at the museum:
* Wheelchair-accessibility
* Audio-guides
* Sign-language interpreters
* Tactile-experiences
* Visual–guides

We make every effort possible to ensure that no one feels excluded from experiencing the wonders of Juneau’s past. Whether you use a wheelchair or require assistance with sight or hearing impairments, we will do our best to give you an enjoyable time while learning about this amazing city’s culture and history.


The Alaska State Museum in Juneau is truly a unique and captivating place. It offers visitors an opportunity to explore the state’s rich history, learn about its culture, and view some of its most treasured artifacts. From educational programs for all ages to guided tours and special events, this museum provides something for everyone. Its exhibits not only provide insight into Juneau’s past but also offer glimpses into their present-day lives as well.

Visiting the Alaska State Museum is more than just a way to spend your time – it’s an experience. You’ll be able to see firsthand how diverse cultures have shaped the city from centuries ago until now. You’ll get to discover unique artifacts that tell stories about the people who lived here long before us. And you’ll gain insights on what life was like through engaging presentations by experienced curators and historians.

I invite you to come visit us at the Alaska State Museum in Juneau soon! Here, you can immerse yourself in our history, uncover new discoveries, and appreciate everything that makes our city so special and vibrant. We look forward to seeing you soon!