Starting your citizenship by investment visa process is a very important decision for expanding your business at the largest scale and availing its many benefits for your family. Citizenship by investment visa is considered the best opportunity for business owners to take part in the stable economy of a specific country like Vanuatu. Sometimes, investors find the process difficult, and they need to hire an immigration consultant to make the process easy and convenient. Immigration consultants play an important role in making the citizenship by investment visa application process easy to follow for new applicants. They must fulfill their legal obligations. This article explains the rights and other responsibilities of immigration consultants for ensuring the second citizenship of the candidate.

Staying well informed 

Only the right immigration consultant keeps himself well informed about the market trends and changing rules and regulations of Vanuatu. In this way, they can properly help immigrants secure their Vanuatu citizenship by investment visa application procedure. If consultants do not have good knowledge and the latest information about the business market of the country, then it can be a great cause of misleading applicants ultimately leading to citizenship by investment visa refusal.

Representing clients 

Many steps of the visa process are considered critical for applicants, and only an expert professional immigration consultant can fulfill all this information on behalf of the applicant. In this way, they are representing their clients while submitting the application form, and documentation submission, and communicating with immigration authorities. All of these steps are done by immigration consultants who actually represent their clients.

Assess eligibility

The main responsibility of an immigration consultant is to identify the eligibility criteria of a candidate for citizenship through an investment program. This visa process requires specific eligibility criteria, including financial capacity, professional background, and investment proof from applicants. Hence, it is very important to identify all the eligibility criteria of the applicant. If they fulfill all the requirements as suggested by immigration authorities, then they will be able to proceed with the citizenship process.

Appealing on behalf of clients 

Due to several misunderstandings or providing misleading information is the greatest risk for candidates as they face the situation of refusal or rejection of their citizenship by investment visa. Upon providing all correct and suitable information It is very important to develop stress-specific strategic plans to overcome this stress situation for the applicant. In this way, immigration consultants can appeal the visa refusal or decision of immigration authorities on behalf of a client. They will be able to get suitable reasoning for their application mistakes and they can become successful after appealing for visa refusal. 

The rights and responsibilities of immigration consultants include educating clients on their business growth and all expected potential risks. They can advise clients about choosing the right roadmap for their business growth in Vanuatu. The immigration consultants provide timely updates to individuals to ensure their smooth and successful immigration process.