Is Macbook better than windows— did you search this question on the internet? Well, Macbook is powered by Apple, and Windows is presented by Windows software. However, users feel some differences when they both use them. 

We think that it is quite an unnatural thing if we select one brand better than the other. Those who use both devices can understand the difference between these two digital products. 

However, this article will discuss which device is better. After using and researching them, we figured out a few facts that you should know to get the answer to why Mac is better than windows

Why Is Macbook Better Than Windows? 

Today, Mac has worldwide users. This company has claimed themselves as having a popular laptop.  Yes, MacBook users always acknowledge that the mac is easy to use, well designed and has some great features. People had this question, “how to delete all messages on mac” but now they have the solution. 

Now, you may ask whether Lenovo, Dell or any other Laptop have great features and they are also easy to use. In this case, you need to know why Macbook is so popular and why it is better than Windows. 

8 Things About Macbook: You Should Know

Here we present 8  things that can help you to figure out why Mac is better than Windows. So, let’s jump into it!!

1. Hardware

According to the users, the M1 MacBook Pro is the best produced laptop they have ever used. They added that the Windows laptop has impressive components, but the trackpad, screen, keyboard and speaker on macbook are the best ever seen in a laptop. 

So, it can be said that Macbook has better hardware than Windows. 

2. Fan Noise

Fan noise is another important factor that every laptop user has. Sometimes, it creates an irritating noise which breaks the concentration of work. Everyone wants to reduce the noise that Windows laptop fans make. 

In other words, a Mac is a 100% silent device.  You may use plenty of applications or even plug dual monitors, the MacBook almost never spools up. 

The only time you can get a fan turned on is during video export, even still it is quiet. Now, you may understand why people make it so popular. 

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3. AirDrop

If you want to shift videos or images from your iphone to windows desktop is a nightmare. It is really very complicated for iPhone users. You need to use a USB 2.0 cable to connect your iPhone with a Windows laptop and hope that Windows recognizes it. 

If it gets connected, you will figure out your images from different randomly named files. You may understand it is really so irritating. Especially when you are rushing up something and windows show this type of thing. 

On the other hand, Macbook is far better than Windows. Apply easily connects with other apple devices and recognizes the files. The best thing, it can transfer files without wear. No need to connect with USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is enough for it. 

4. Battery Life

The battery life of Windows laptops has been getting better than in previous times. In the past, you needed to choose between performance and battery life. It was the dream to get both things in windows laptop. 

Macbook also has this issue. The notebook has great battery life, but it can’t edit video. Alienware also has this issue. It would only last one or two hours before the battery died.  But the new MacBook Pro has brilliant battery life. Plus, it provides the best performance. 

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5. Universal Clipboard

We think this feature is not available in Windows software. Clipboard sharing on Macbook devices is great. If you have Apple devices with the same application that you have used on the Wi-Fi network then data or files will automatically share the clipboard. 

In fact, this process can happen in a few seconds, like an instant. If you are using Macbook, iPhone then you should utilize this feature.

6. Sidecar

Another feature that is not available in Windows laptops. Few of the users knew this feature and they utilized it fully. Sidecar refers to a second monitor. You can use your iPad as a second monitor with your MacBook. 

Macbook can recognize the nearest device and make a second wireless monitor with a single click. 

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7. OS Navigation

Navigation makes the device users friendly. We remember the time when Android software did not come into the market. Many people do not access computers properly. Android makes it easy to understand computer features. 

Similarly, people know how to uninstall avast security on mac. We must admit that it takes you a few seconds to understand MacOS. You’ll get everything in the “Finder” on Apple. 

8. Performance

The most important thing about every digital device is its performance. Before buying any tech products, people must want to know the performance quality. 

In this matter, mac is super. It is convenient and user-friendly. 

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Final Words

Which do you think is better— Mac or windows? These eight factors may help you to understand why Macs are more popular than Windows. 

Hopefully, this article has been able to meet your queries. If you have any further questions, you can ask them in the below section. Having a clear idea is important to use any tech device.

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