What is the significance of the number for SMD Screen? SMD LED’s names are derived from the dimensions of LEDs. For instance, SMD2121 is the dimension of the LED. is 2.1mm in size 2.1mm.

What is the best way to determine the LED display?

Pixel Pitch

It is defined as the difference between two SMD Screen pixels. One pixel is the central point of the LED. The distance between two LEDs (centre spot) in both horizontal vertical and horizontal directions is known as the pixels’ pitch in the LED display.

SMD2121 The dimension of the LED is 2.1×2.1mm. P2 is a 2mm pixels pitch. The LED’s measurements are more significant than the 2mm pixels pitch. So P2 LED display is SMD1515 (or SMD1010.


1pc LED is a pixel in the LED screen. Small SMD LEDs have more pixels than large SMD LEDs with the same screen size. The resolution includes pixels in both horizontal as well as vertical directions. More pixels equals higher resolution.


Similar to other electronic components like other electronic components, the miniature SMD is smaller, the more expensive. For the exact size of the module, smaller SMD LEDs require additional electronic components such as wires or circuits. The exact size module contains more LEDs than tiny SMD LEDs.


Smaller SMD LEDs are more expensive for maintenance. It is possible to change damaged LEDs inside the big SMD module. It is challenging to replace damaged LEDs in smaller SMD modules with LEDs. You then have to replace the entire module.


Smaller SMD LEDs are compatible with higher-pixel pitch SMD Screen displays. The smaller LEDs have a wider angle of view. Smaller shows have a more excellent contrast ratio, and their video screen is much more realistic and delicate.

Applications for LED display: fixed indoor outdoor fixed rentals for indoor e-vnets outdoor rentals for events, and transparent fixed.

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