SEO – as the word suggests is search engine optimization, which is a designed set of activities to bring the web pages in a better visibility and positioning during an organic search result. Since we all know that an organic search is the most evident way for anyone to access anything they need to know. Hence, SEOdoes its part.

This cannot be carried out by doing anything and everything, rather it involves a process which is derived by the algorithm of the search engine.

Thus, SEO Strategy comes in. A good SEO Strategy is necessary for enhancing the visibility of the traffic to a website.
Let’s understand what an SEO Strategy is.

As the word suggests, it is an approach to design the website-landing page more algorithm friendly to the search engines. The vision and mission here is to rank higher than other relative website or category. However, even if we understand the algorithm, it doesn’t stay the same. Beamcorps work with utmost perseverance to obtain and catch hold on the constantly changing algorithms.  
So, Lets understand and create an effective SEO Strategy:

– Keyword Research

The SEO is moved by an algorithm which has its own factors and set of rules to evaluate how the website should be ranked. A major area is covered by the use of keywords. One needs to do research to ensure keyword optimization, and that means considering the following:

Search intent

Relevant keywords

Keyword Phrases

Keyword Research tool

Long tail keywords

Search volumes

Funnel keywords

-Define the important pages

We always need an MVP, and in the website, that’s your most important pages. These pages do the bulk of the heavy lifting. For non-ecommerce sites, these are usually the home page, services pages or any pages with demos or offers. These pages are MVPs for ecommerce sites. To look out for these pages, consider the essence of your business.

SEO Analytics

One another component of a successful SEO marketing strategy is analytics. When it comes to SEO campaign management, it is necessary to track your strategy’s performance. You would not work with your money and time on the activity which doesn’t show any improvement. This is only possible with the Analytics.

-In-Depth, Quality Content

Quality content is necessary for ranking in search results and helping the customers learn more about your business. Content marketing enables one to share the details and awareness with the audience. It’s an extravagant practice to derive the customers, while you drive valuable traffic to your site.

All this is neither a one-day task or a cake walks. Enters BEAMCORPS, who not only works in relevancy with your business but also on the quality that works on great positioning and visibility of your business.