8 Myths About Your Phone Battery: A Guide from Mobile Phone Repair Shop in Scarborough

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Since the inception of mobile phones, users have been concerned about extending their battery life. Mobile phone repair shop in Scarborough intends to educate you on the facts about numerous rumours that have been instilled in the brains of smartphone users. After discovering the truth, you can clear your mind of any stories going through your thoughts. So, let’s bust some smartphone battery misconceptions.

Myths About Cell Phone Batteries: Things You Need to Know

1) Charge your phone till the indicator shows ‘battery full.’

It doesn’t matter how much or how long you charge your battery. If you leave it partially charged, you can use it for a shorter period than the manufacturer specifies. This activity will have the least amount of influence on the battery. You should charge it for as long as possible to get the most out of it.

Any rechargeable battery has an average lifespan of 500 to 1500 cycles. It would be nice if you also read about how to prolong the battery life of your mobile.

2) Avoid charging your device.

It’s a myth that you can’t use your phone while it’s charging. The only drawback we identified was the obvious conclusion that it will charge slower while in use. Even if you aren’t using your smartphone, likely, it is still actively using the battery unless turned off.

3) Leaving your smartphone to charge overnight is dangerous.

Although studies demonstrate that it affects battery life, most people require assistance thinking of a better time to charge their phones than overnight. Your battery will not burst or be damaged if you leave the charger plugged in overnight or charge your phone for an extended period. On the contrary, you will recharge your battery with increased power capacitance, allowing you to use your device for longer.

5) Shutting down apps conserves battery life.

It is both incorrect and lousy counsel. Repeatedly killing and restarting apps consumes more resources (and power) than simply leaving the app running in the background. If your battery is going low and you can’t get to a charger, try any of these alternatives:

  • For an iPhone, manually switch to Low Power Mode. Swipe on the Display Screen and turn on the battery symbol to access the Control Panel. Go to Settings and add it if it isn’t already in your Control Center.
  • On Android phones, enable the Battery Saver option. Enable Power Saver Mode, which Samsung calls Ultra Power Saving Mode but achieves the same result.

6) Battery will last forever, If it is charged properly

Batteries are the weak point of our mobile phones, and we’ll have to accept that they’ll need to be replaced until someone invents the phone’s battery, which can last for years and go for days without charging. Because lithium-ion batteries lose their ability to hold an account as they age, you may only be able to charge your device to 60% even though you have many lifecycles left. You can use an app to evaluate battery wear; if it’s excessive, consider replacing the battery from a Mobile phone repair shop in Scarborough to give the phone a longer life.

7) Always purchase original brand chargers.

Many manufacturers simply disseminate this notion to enhance their sales and profits. Everyone knows how fierce competition exists in today’s bleak economy and how difficult it is to live in today’s globe. As a result, manufacturers have passed this information on to the general public, who have become fixated on purchasing only original chargers. By using a suitable and high-quality charger from a phone repair store, you will not only save money, but you will also achieve the same outcomes.

8) Turn off Bluetooth and other features.

Turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or other energy-consuming functions will reduce battery life. Use it if you’re stuck between sites where you can charge your phone. However, leaving your phone in low-power mode makes it more difficult to use. Finally, the most important conclusion for everyone is that they should use their phones in any way they wish.


As previously said, these myths are simply myths that are not true in real life.

If you’ve been following one of these, take a deep breath and let go. Please do not possess it. Keep these myth-busting facts in mind to keep your battery in good working order. Also, contact Mobile Defender, a Mobile Phone Repair Shop in Scarborough, to keep your battery in good condition.

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