How many followers do you need to get an Instagram blue tick? While the question was the most researched topic until recent years, it seems that the conditions for Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia blue tick have changed with the move made by Meta Companies CEO Mark Zuckerberg. After Elon Musk’s step to pay the blue tick on Twitter, a similar step came within the Instagram application. Meta Companies, the umbrella company for Facebook and Instagram, announced that it will offer the blue tick feature to users for a fee with its new subscription system it has prepared for Instagram. How to buy Instagram blue tick with this description? It has started to wonder how the 2023 current transactions will be.

How to Get Instagram Blue Tick?

The Instagram blue tick feature represents an important privilege for users. What is a blue tick? Or what does the blue tick do? In short, the blue tick denotes verified accounts. These accounts are a feature granted to non-fake accounts approved by the Instagram algorithm. Thanks to the blue tick next to the username, famous and popular accounts can be found more easily. Given that so many fake accounts with the same name are popping up, Instagram accounts with blue ticks have the advantage of distinguishing themselves from other accounts. Users who want to take advantage of this advantage and become a popular account with a blue tick, how to get a blue tick on Instagram? have begun to explore the question. 

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The blue tick, which has been given to accounts that have reached a certain number of followers until recent years, can now be given for a certain fee. With the new subscription system prepared for this, the requirement to have a high number of followers has been removed. The criteria required for Instagram blue tick purchases are as follows;

  • There is an obligation to match the username and the identity documents issued by the state.
  • Another criterion is that the Instagram profile photo includes a photo of the person’s own face.

Paid Blue Tick Period on Instagram

It has been announced that the paid blue tick application will be available to users all over the world after Australia and New Zealand. Although enough information has not been shared about the paid blue tick period yet, it has already excited users. In order to become a well-known account with a blue tick, it is possible to take advantage of the blue tick feature with monthly payments without the need for research such as the Instagram blue tick trick. 

Another issue that is curious about the Instagram paid blue tick is who can benefit from these transactions. Although there is no follower count criterion in these paid transactions, every non-fake account can benefit from paid blue tick transactions.

Instagram Blue Tick Fee 2023

Accounts with a blue tick in the world-famous popular social media application have an important privilege such as popularity. Along with the paid blue tick transactions, which offer the opportunity for everyone to benefit from this privilege, the current figures for the Instagram blue tick fee 2023 started to be wondered. According to the statement, Instagram’s blue tick price is in different numbers for the web and IOS. While the Instagram blue tick price is $11.99 for the web, this price is announced as 14.99 for IOS devices. You can also Buy TikTok Followers Malaysia.