The surge of internet activity in China was accompanied by the rise of an surveillance CCTV channel almost in every single place you went. The idea was to watch the activities and movements of citizens as well as those who entered the country. Nowadays, China leads in the amount of CCTV cameras used for surveillance around the world. In addition to having the biggest CCTV surveillance network worldwide, China CCTV systems also provides the rest of the world with only half the security and surveillance cameras that are in use in the present.

CCTV surveillance

Although this might sound, the heavy CCTV surveillance comes with a few disadvantages. Many people aren’t thrilled with the severing of their privacy. It is true that the Chinese government has many times attempted to correct the false representations made by its surveillance apparatuses. This is done through media channels, including the well-known state-owned CCTV channel 9, which is an English-only news channel that is watched by citizens from various states, and also through other campaigns.

How do Chinese think about the use of CCTV cameras for surveillance of channels in their vicinity?

A heavy CCTV security cameras have become an integral element of living in China. China doesn’t have laws in place that regulate their use. It is impossible to cross the street without a security camera security system installation watching your every move. You can’t go into a mall without a camera looking at your actions.

There is no place that is camera-free, not even schools, restaurants as well as public transportation automobiles. It is like living in a culture where the state examines you based on your integrity and honesty. What you are doing, the rating as a reputable citizen will follow your all.

High Quality

A top score could allow you to high-speed Internet delivery or a residency permit or visa for a different country, a faster process. If, however, you make public or share online political posts without authorization, or you disagree with or challenge the official government version of events Your rating could be lowered. Private corporations working in conjunction with the government frequently analyze huge quantities of data from webs