5 Reasons to outsource Enterprise Resource Planning Testing to ERP Testing Company


Are you planning to launch an ERP System in your Company soon?

If you are, then you must get your ERP system thoroughly tested before you launch the system. Once the system is installed in your office, your business performance as well as your customer satisfaction will totally depend on the performance of the ERP, hence it is extremely essential to have ERP performance testing done beforehand.

Enterprise Resource Planning Testing or ERP Testing is a specialized form of testing that will ensure that all the modules of the ERP system are working before going live. Each organization customizes the rules in the ERP software as per their requirement and this makes it essential to do extensive testing to validate if the system is as per the need of the company. This will ensure that the company does not face any downtime or loss due to incorrect configuration, errors in installation, and software bugs.

Some of the common types of ERP automation testing that you can opt for, based on your need includes:

  • Functional Testing: done to ensure that each module performs its function as per requirement.
  • Integration Testing: done to check on the accuracy of the data and information flow across the different modules of the system
  • Performance testing: done to see how the software performs under load and what is the software’s transactions per second
  • Security Testing: done to validate system security against unauthorized access.
  • Regression testing: done to check the functioning of the ERP system every time a new module is launched after customizations

Outsourcing Enterprise Resource Planning Testing to ERP testing company

An ERP implementation is often a complex procedure with a large number of stakeholders involved including the management, developer, end-user, and the ERP QA. The system might also need to work across multiple locations and may need to be integrated with the legacy systems. There even might be a requirement of integrating with a feeder system or even third-party gateways.

Testing the ERP system entails checking for:

  • Performance issues
  • third-party integrations
  • product upgrades
  • regulatory compliance and more.

This requires a very high level of expertise, experience, and insight which may not be possible in-house. Outsourcing the entire system testing to an ERP testing company may prove to be more beneficial instead.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP Testing

Let us look into five of the major benefits which you can enjoy if you outsource the Enterprise Resource Planning testing to a company providing ERP testing services.

Improved Data Accuracy

If your ERP System generates incorrect information then it can lead your business to a disaster. Going for the services of an ERP testing company will ensure that your information is accurate and you can rely on it for taking important decisions for the future, leading to at least a 20% increase in revenue. The experts of the ERP testing company will conduct vigorous testing to check for any bug in the system that can lead to inaccurate data being generated. Being industry-aligned, they will also be able to provide suggestions for fixing the issue as well.

Faster launch of new ERP System

If the system is tested for error before it is launched for your internal use, then any bugs in the system or loopholes can be identified and rectified before the launch. Experts from the ERP testing company can complete the rigorous testing quickly and thoroughly, cutting down the development timeline considerably.

Avoid Expensive Fixes after the Launch

An ERP implementation is a complex and exhaustive process and requires meticulous planning, preparation, and testing. If the testing is not done beforehand, there will be chances that you may need to get expensive fixes done later on. But if you are working with companies providing ERP testing services, they will bring their extensive knowledge and experience of similar projects to the table and will help prevent this.

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Testing Security Risks before the launch

ERP systems are often targeted by hackers as they can get a wealth of information, including sensitive information from it. This even includes the personal information of employees as well as the Company’s financial information. If there is any leak in the system then the hackers will be sure to identify it. This can be prevented by prior testing of the security risks. ERP testing company experts will conduct Security Testing to ensure that all the sensitive data is safe from hackers by texting the firewalls and also by performing penetration testing on the network architecture. This can result in a 30% reduction in the risk of fraud, errors, and loss of data.

Ensure Integration with Legacy Systems

Your ERP system may need to integrate with your existing software systems such as your accounting software, supply chain management, CRM, and others. If there is an error in the integration of the system, the ERP may fail to connect with these systems. Hence these connections need to be tested. Companies providing ERP testing services will check these connections during the Integration Testing and will ensure minimizing risks and downtime errors.


Implementing an ERP system in your organization can not only make life easy for the people but can also help in improving the performance of the organization as a whole.

But the implementation process must be thoroughly planned and must include a testing phase by an expert ERP testing company. Once the testing is completed successfully, you can rest assured that your ERP system will run seamlessly and will result in increasing the revenue of the organization.