Have you seen the latest fashion trend https://nirvanashirt.com/ in sports apparel? Hooded sweatshirts are very much in this season. Here is how to wear them in 5 different styles:

Street Style

     If you’re looking for a super casual look, the best thing to do with your hoodie is to throw it on with ripped jeans and sneakers. You can go for either loose or slim jeans; they look good either way! For shoes, I think classic white sneakers match well with both looks.      If you want to add accessories like earrings, necklaces or bracelets but still keep the look simple, choose an accessory that matches one of your outfit’s colors (e.g., silver earrings if your top has silver buttons).

Party Style

     A hoodie can be a great base for a night out. I recommend going all out with the ripped jeans look! There are several good possibilities when it comes to shoes: ankle boots, wedge heels, or even platform sneakers that have that grunge-ish feel. In terms of accessories, earrings, and necklaces match well here too. If you want to go big, try wearing a chunky necklace in metallic colors with silver or gold earrings. That really makes your outfit pop!

Festival Style

     If you want to wear your sweatshirt outdoors in warm weather, pair it with light-colored shorts and sandals. When choosing footwear make sure there is a color match. I recommend a white pair of sandals for a monochromatic look or choose a pair that has an accent color in your outfit, such as gold or silver. If you have multiple colors going on in your top, use one as the dominant color and match to footwear with another.   

Sporty Style

     A perfect option if you’re planning on being active outdoors! Wear it with light-colored leggings and sneakers just like the street style but add sunglasses to complete your sporty look.

   Work/School Style

     For this look go for a professional https://stussytees.co/ blazer instead of a hoodie and put it over a pretty dress or skirt. Make heels the focus point by going for classic courts or pumps.

  Childish Style

     For this look, wear a hoodie with overalls and lace-up boots to play up the childlike feel. Make sure your legs are covered! This is definitely not an outfit for wearing in public, so pair it with bright tights so you can transition it into nightwear easily.

     This year’s trend in sports apparel is quite versatile! You can dress it up or down pretty easily depending on your preference. All in all, being able to combine hooded sweatshirts with ripped jeans is the key to mastering this look. With so many different possibilities, there’s no reason not to give it a go!

Conclusion paragraph:

The street style hoodie with ripped jeans trend is a great way to add some edge and originality to your casual wear. With so many different styles of the top, you can find one that matches your personal taste or personality. If you’re looking for something on-trend this season, consider adding a raggedy pair of jeans to any outfit!   

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