Online shopping has gained popularity in Pakistan in the last decade. The shopping trends in Pakistan have been rising due to improved connectivity. According to the recent data from Data Reportal, there are around 87.37 million internet users in Pakistan. And according to another source, 77% of the smartphone users are between the age of 21-30. It can be said that if you have an online shopping store in Pakistan, youth is the reason behind its popularity. 

However, not just from the consumer’s perspective, online stores are getting popular due to small businesses and vendors. Every seller wants a place to market its products to the maximum number of audiences. The E-commerce websites allow small businesses to boost their sales by ensuring the availability of their products on their websites. They can make their product popular by listing them on these online marketplaces. 

How An Online Shopping Store Is Getting Popular In Pakistan? 

The E-commerce industry has a history of more than years but it started rising in Pakistan at the time of COVID-19 when people were restricted to their homes due to the lockdown. Everything was shut at this time except businesses that have operations at online platforms and stores. The strict prohibition on stay-at-home forced people to change their intent of buying. 

Before this pandemic, Pakistani people were mostly interested in buying things from physical stores. There was a bias among Pakistani people that online buying is a scam but their doubts were cleared when they started buying things online. They are now addicted to online shopping as it is a convenient and easily accessible source of shopping. They can easily buy anything from these stores, whether they want to do monthly groceries or buy products from their lifestyle, everything is available at online shopping stores. 

It consequently encouraged the sellers to list their products on online shopping platforms and boost sales of their products. A small business that is limited to only a few products can create its own stores and start marketing them. Logically, it will be a great risk because if they fail, they can end up losing a huge capital.

Online Shopping Platforms Are Blessing For Small Businesses

The main issue for small businesses is that they do not have sufficient budget to market their product at a large scale. Popular online platforms are a blessing in disguise for them. All they want is to find the best online shopping websites that have huge audiences and popularity throughout the internet. Their product will be available to a larger audience.

As mentioned above around 77% of the youth population have smartphones and they are targeted mostly by brands and businesses for the sale of their products. Almost 67% of the population in Pakistan ages between 18 to 35. This makes it a greater option for the business to market its products on online platforms. Here is the list of top online marketplaces in online that have a huge number of online viewers and customers in Pakistan.

Leyjao is a marketplace that has a variety of products from all spheres of life. You can set up a complete home by just shopping from this website. You can do your groceries from this website at a discounted price. Other than that, there are a lot of other things such as furniture and decorations for your place. You can also buy tech gadgets and electronic appliances from this marketplace at a reasonable price. It has different kinds of products that suit every buyer. 

If you are looking for the cheapest online shopping in pakistan, leyjao should be your first stop. It has a huge discount on branded fashion clothes and accessories for men, women, and kids. You can buy all kinds of clothes such as Western and traditional clothes from this website. The best thing about this store is that you get discounts on almost everything. Moreover, they offer exclusive discounts according to the memorable days and festivals. For instance, there is a huge discount on at the Jahsan E Azadi day. 

One of the best things about this online store is that they have a quality check on every product they list on their website. They make sure that their customer gets the best quality products. However, if you do not like the product, you can exchange it within 7 working days. 


Daraz is a well-renowned platform in Pakistan and it provides free shipment over an order of 500 rs. It is a website that offers a variety of features to the sellers. They can list their products and ship them directly to the customers. You just have to create your own store and list the products you want to sell. If you receive orders you can send these products directly to customers.


Telemart is a website that has been working for almost three decades. When they started their website as their name suggests they were primarily into tech gadgets and smartphones. Later on, they transformed into an e-commerce website selling fashion wear for men and women along with various other items.

It is an E-commerce website that sells products from different categories such as lifestyle, makeup, fashion wear, health care, and other related products to skincare. This website offers a wide range of varieties of pet foods. You get quality pet food from different companies in this marketplace. It is a cheap online shopping website for pet foods online. 

It is an online marketplace that gives you a lot of variety in various products on its website. It is one of the online shopping websites in Pakistan that offers products in different unique categories such as accessories for travel like blankets and other things. 

Online stores have emerged as game changers in online shopping across. It benefits both customers and sellers in different ways. So What are you waiting for then, go and shop or sell now!