​​12 Real Estate Instagram Content Ideas to Help You Sell Homes

Instagram is a fantastic place to connect with potential home buyers. It has certainly become a top popular social media platform. Instagram has become the business hub for real estate. There’s no doubt that Instagram is a powerful social media platform. And for real estate agents and brokers, it can be a great way to market properties and share your brand with potential clients. Real estate agents and brokers are using Instagram to their advantage. They’re sharing beautiful photos of homes, neighborhoods, and cityscapes. And they’re using hashtags to connect with potential clients who might be interested in buying or selling a home. But what kind of content should you post on Instagram to make your post unique and interesting? Check out some ideas below!

Create a Tour

People love Instagram tours! Take a picture of each room in the home and put it together into a tour. It is a great way to show off the property to potential buyers. Your Instagram should be like a virtual tour of the home. Make stories or give a home tour of the new home property. Also, make sure you include the neighborhood and cityscape in your posts to show how great the location is. Regular posts will make people follow your account for updates on the newest listings. Also, try to take attractive photos to increase interest. Use tools like canvas, photo editor, or photoshop to make your pictures look their best. Grab CouponGot coupons when subscribing to these amazing tools and enjoy great discounts.

Include Local Events

If a major event or gala is happening in the city or neighborhood where the home is located, be sure to post about it! It is a great way to show how lively and fun the area is. People love seeing events in the local community, especially if they’re considering a move. You can also host a contest related to the event. Hosting events related to real estate and then posting feedback on Instagram is a great way to keep followers engaged.

Create a Listing Recap

After you have a listing that has sold or is pending sale, take some time to put together a quick recap of the listing. It is as simple as a few photos with a brief description of what made the property special. People love seeing before and after pictures, so make sure to include some in your recap post! A recap of the listing can also be a great way to keep your followers engaged even after the property has sold.

Use Quotes

People love inspirational quotes, especially when they’re related to their interests. Various amazing quotes can be used in your posts regarding real estate. You could even use quotes from famous people who have bought or sold property throughout their lives. You can also share home-related quotes and sayings. Also, posting pictures of art or pics of beautiful homes worldwide with an inspiring quote can help show the reach of real estate.

Hashtag Your Posts

When you post about a home, make sure to use relevant hashtags so that potential buyers can find your post. Some popular real estate hashtags include #realestate, #househunting, and #homesforsale. Using hashtags related to your specific city or town can also be a great way to reach potential buyers specifically interested in that area.

Include Videos and Photos

People love looking at photos and videos when they’re browsing Instagram, so make sure to include plenty of both in your posts. Take videos of houses for sale, tour potential homes with clients, or show the final product after a complete renovation project. And don’t forget to snap photos of all the beautiful properties you see while out and about! You can also upload short videos and reels of drone footage to give your followers a better idea of the area in which you work. Also, use tools and software to make the videos and photos look even more professional. By browsing Offers.com, you may find various discount codes and deals for these types of programs and tools.

Write Property Descriptions

When you post about a property, take the time to write an engaging and informative description of it. Include detailed information of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, price, and any special features or amenities that the property has. You can also post about the surrounding neighborhood, what schools are nearby, and anything else that might be of interest to potential buyers. A well-written description will help pique people’s interest in the property and may lead them to inquire about it further.

Share Your Expertise

If you are a real estate agent, share your expertise with your followers. Show them how to prepare their home for sale or give tips on buying a home. Share articles that you have written about real estate or post videos of yourself talking about the market. It also helps to post pictures of yourself with happy clients. Moreover, sharing your knowledge will help build trust with your followers and lead to more leads. It also shows that you are an expert in your field.

Share Neighborhood Photos

People want to see what the neighborhood looks like before buying a home. Share photos of the neighborhood and include hashtags to attract potential buyers. The neighborhood plays a big role in whether or not people decide to buy a home. So taking pictures of the neighborhood and sharing them on Instagram will help you sell homes. Share the parks and malls close to the property and survey the surroundings. In addition, point out the eateries and other establishments in the area.

Share Staging Photos

Home Staging is an important part of property selling. Most people will not visualize a space with furniture and décor, so staging photos are key. When you share staged photos on Instagram, it gives your followers a better idea of what the home could look like. Not everyone can visit a home in person, so sharing the floor plan or furnishing style on Instagram can help people understand what they are buying. When followers can see where the bedrooms and bathrooms are, it helps them decide whether or not to pursue the property.

Showcase your Property 

Showcasing your property on Instagram is a great way to get people interested in it. Take photos of the exterior and interior of the home and the surrounding neighborhood. If there are any unique features about the property, be sure to capture them in a photo. When followers can see all aspects of the house, they will be more likely to consider buying it.

Create a Customized Tour 

Creating a customized tour for your Instagram followers is a great way to show them what the property has to offer. Take them on a walkthrough of the home and its surroundings, and be sure to point out all the key features. If there are any special amenities or attractions in the area, make sure to mention them as well.

On a Final Note

Real estate Instagram content can be a great way to help you sell homes. By using creative and interesting ideas, you can show your followers all the amazing things that a property has to offer. If you can create an engaging and informative tour, you will be sure to make a sale in no time