The number of WiFi networks is increasing rapidly. Therefore it is important to detect, manage and maintain your WiFi network. But it is not easy to maintain your network signal. 

When everyone around you is exploding with their own WiFi signals and mainly in the large business sector when a lot of WiFi networks are running simultaneously, then problems arise. In this case, dropping out, slow performance, and slow connectivity of WiFi signals happen continuously. 

Therefore it is necessary to optimize your WiFi network so that it can help you to ensure that your internet is working properly. Apart from that, network analyzing software will provide you with information such as router placement, security measures, and appropriate channels. 

However, analyzing and understanding WiFi networks is very important. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance and the latest WiFi network analyzing software applications to download for your PC. 

Description Of inSSIDer

By using the WiFi analyzer application inSSIDer, you will understand how your WiFi network and the other WiFi networks around you are interacting. 

Apart from that, every detail of your WiFi network, including channel width, WiFi generation, maximum data consumption, and security, will show you through inSSIDer. It also helps you to ensure whether any neighboring network is impacting or interrupting your WiFi network or not.

inSSIDer analyzes the configuration of your WiFi networks, including security, channel settings, signal strength, and the effect of WiFi around you. Then inSSIDer will describe to you in English with 100% clarity what actions would improve the WiFi signals, what steps are needed to take to fix the WiFi problems ASAP, and so on.

After optimizing your WiFi network by inSSIDer then, it would tell you what changes should be made to improve the WiFi networks. On the other hand, you can see free WiFi guides videos, and the usage of other tools of inSSIDer will help you to defeat WiFi Problems forever. 

How Does inSSIDer Work?

inSSIDer is mainly a WiFi analyzer software application. In this case, it helps you to ensure channel settings, signal strength measurements, security rate, and other effects that come from neighboring WiFi signals. These results will show in graphs, and then these are transformed into observations and suggestions. In this way, it can help you to make changes and improve your data connections. 

Is inSSIDer Free?

There is no required paid subscription if you want to run this network analyzing software application. But all you need to do is to register an account on MetaGeek. 

Then after you will be able to run this application. While you are registering the account on MetaGeek, then you will need to submit the name, email, and verification of the email. 

Once your email is verified, then you are eligible to use this application. The free version of this software application is very capable and also has sufficient data for the average user. However, professionals might pay for a subscription to MetaGeek. In this case, it enables snapshots and opens the client traffic analytics module. 

What Are The Pros Of inSSIDer

Below we have mentioned the pros of WiFi network analyzing software applications inSSIDer.

1) Analyze Your Wifi Environment

inSSIDer optimizes the configuration of your WiFi signals, including channel settings, security, signals, and also the impact of WiFi networks around you. Apart from that, inSSIDer will show you in plain English what is working great, what are the ways of improving the WiFi speed faster, and also what steps you need to take immediately to fix the issues ASAP. 

2)It Helps To Improve Wifi Security And Speed

After your WiFi network is monitored by inSSIDer, you will be ready to make the changes to improve your WiFi. Apart from that, you can read the ways of improving the security and speed of your WiFi in the inSSIDer guide’s book to solve WiFi issues.

3)Access Points In Detailed

It is very important to know about the capabilities and configuration status of your WiFi access point. It has a huge impact on whether your WiFi network is working properly or not. 

But this detailed information is typically hidden for so many systems, or it has been buried into a large number of configuration screens for standard points of WiFi access. The help of iSSDer will help you to get the information in detail in clarified English in an easy-to-read list. 

4)It Helps To Discover Which Channels Are The Busiest

It is always important to select a quiet channel. So it helps to improve your WiFi network speed. In this case, a channel with a single WiFi network has much more speed than a channel with a lot of WiFi signals. Therefore the help of inSSIDer will help you to know which channel is the least busy and which channels are much busier. Therefore it is easy for you to find a channel that is quiet in comparison with other channels. 

5)You Will Be Able To See Devices On Your Local Network

inSSIDer not only helps you by showing the information about your WiFi access points. But it also helps you to know about the local area network devices. In this case, you will be able to know what devices are there on your network. On the other hand, for some devices, inSSIDer can help you by showing what type of devices and finding the device’s name automatically. 

There are no cons of inSSIDer as of now. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have mentioned some of the frequently asked questions.

1) Is It Safe To Use inSSIDer?

Well, one of the safer WiFi network analyzing tools is inSSIDer. It is also considered the best network analyzing tool, which can help in searching or solving issues associated with the internet in professional places easily. 

2)Does inSSIDer Have Better Security?

No matter if you are using this tool for professional or personal reasons, it has better security.

3)Is inSSIDer A Reliable Tool?

Yes, of course, it is because inSSIDer is considered one of the most used troubleshooting and WiFi optimization tools. 

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We have mentioned the important factors of the WiFi analyzing tool inSSIDer above in this article. This tool is one of the most useful tools, which has no unsafe or negative sides. 

One can use it without any worriedness because it will not reveal any information as it is an encryption software tool for WiFi optimization. 

Therefore have you been facing trouble since the installation of your WiFi? Then this software tool is one of the best network optimization tools for you. 

Thank you for reading till the end. 

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