How Artificial Intelligence Impacts Our Lives?


Artificial Intelligence has now become a necessity of our daily lives in many ways. It has now become such an essential element that the majority of people do not even realize just how much dependent they are on AI to perform even minimal tasks for them.

The technology of Artificial Intelligence is a part of our everyday routines and also our daily lives from the wee hours of the morning till the wee hours of the night. I will give an example right away to make you become aware of it more – when you wake up early in the morning, don’t you search for your phone right away? To check on updates or whatever it is that you think you might have missed. This shows our dependency on AI.

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Artificial Intelligence

Let’s understand the concept of Artificial Intelligence first! The definition of AI goes somewhat like this: AI is the intelligence that is demonstrated by machines. In the same way, both animals and humans demonstrate natural intelligence. 

Just like humans are continuously learning and then evolving, AI works on the same principle too. At its very core, an AI also learns from every interactions that it has and evolves and adapts on the basis of that. For AI to advance even further, human knowledge, experience, and intelligence are required to make them progress even more.

Impacts Of AI 

Here are a few ways how AI impacts our daily lives –

  • AI Assistants / Digital assistants 

AI Assistants perform various tasks for us. A few examples of the popular ones that majority of the people use are Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, etc. AI assistants help, a few instances would be – booking a flight, setting a reminder, setting up our schedule, getting updates, for making payment sending commands to another app, searching for something on the web, and so much more. All these tasks that AI perform for millions of users that reside on this planet – they learn and adapt from every such single interaction.

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  • Smart Replies In E-mail

The smart reply in email has simplified the way how users reply to emails. There are already pre-text formats for different situations, like – “Yes, I’ll be there.” Or “No. I won’t be able to go.” – all these at just the click of a button. The smart replies are made in a manner that matches the content of each e-mail. This particular feature comes in especially handy when people are busy and need to reply on the go.

This has also immensely helped all those people who get nervous about the appropriate response to give in a formal setting and become late in sending out responses where it is needed on an urgent basis.

  • Auto-Parking Vehicles & Self-Driving Cars

A type of mainframe AI known as “deep learning” is utilized in auto-parking vehicles and self-driving cars – it uses space recognition technology to get an idea of the immediate space available around a vehicle and uses that data to intelligently auto-park a car. Nvidia a technology company, actively works on this type of AI to give cars the capacity to think by themselves and learn so that they can navigate through all possible driving scenarios.  This type of tech is already in use in the following cars – Tesla, Mercedez-Benz, Audi, Toyota, and Volvo. This technology is actually very impactful and has changed the way common folks drive.

  • Navigation of Roads

We heavily rely on google maps to give us the correct directions. We do not even hesitate to navigate around a new neighborhood or area because we know that we can’t really get lost with Google maps on our side. That is also an example of our lives being impacted by AI right there. Maps help us in getting to know about many things – even things like road traffic, the quickest route to our intended destination, roads under construction, etc.

  • Recommendation Of Products

Popular stores (that are online) take the help of AI to gather information about the preferences of users by keeping track of their buying patterns. The shopping experience of users gets personalized after that – as they keep getting product suggestions and recommendations from then on.


The Workings Of An AI

AI is made after accumulating vast amounts of data. The same data can be used to determine patterns, knowledge, and insights. The main aim is to be able to create and then build in accordance with all the existing gathered data and apply them to unknown and new scenarios.

The technology of Artificial Intelligence relies heavily on high-level programming datasets and advanced machine learning. The success rate of the execution of the tasks depends upon the AI’s capacity for computational thinking and problem-solving skills. The field of it is massive and makes use of technology like:

  • Strong AI – This type of AI works towards creating machines that are intelligently capable of handling tasks assigned to them and coming up with solutions very similar to how the human mind works.
  • Machine Learning – ML is a type of AI that enables software applications to execute tasks with more precision by predicting the outcomes of different situations on their own.
  • Natural Language Processing – The NLP or also popularly known as Natural Language Processing, works by curating machines that first interpret a situation and then give responses to data received in textual or voice formats and give unique responses of their own. This works in a very alike manner to how humans do it.

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To Wrap It Up!

We might not be consciously aware of this, but AI has always impacted our lives in more ways than one. In the far future, we are to become only much more technology-dependent.

Thank you for reading up till here! I hope you found the information provided in this article useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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