The season of joy and merriment is here. Christmas is just about to begin. So, have you decided what you are going to gift your partner? If she is fond of jewellery, bracelets can be an excellent gift for Christmas. The bracelets have always been an accurate fashion statement for men and women. Whether you wear it for styling, some religious belief or just as a symbol, bracelets are consistently winning hearts. The more amazing fact about these bracelets is that several types are there you should know about. Here we have listed the best seven. Let’s have a read.

Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet speaks to your personality, and you can customize it to your choice. Get your charm bracelet ready with a birthstone charm, a charm that adds some special memory to your life, and any inspirational charm. There is nothing wrong with customizing your bracelet with your favourite charms. Every charm makes your bracelet more meaningful.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets are elegant, classic and versatile. For a fashion-forward look, it is always better to go for a Diamond Tennis Bracelet. Though you can have other gemstones for tennis bracelets, diamonds are the most adored ones. You can even add another layer with different gemstones and a single diamond layer. Matching the gems with the colour of your outfit can be a great idea too. 

Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are the most versatile ones in your collection. From sterling silver to coloured gemstones, you can design News beaded bracelets according to your taste. No matter what type of outfit you are wearing, bangle bracelets are suitable to elevate any look. Be it a gown or knee-length dress; beaded bracelets are good to go with whatever you wear. 

Pearl Bracelets

This one looks more like a tennis bracelet itself. No other bracelet on the list is more chic than this one. Pearl bracelets are so elegant that they will never go out of style. Get an evergreen pearl bracelet in your collection for any occasion.

Bangle Bracelets

A bracelet stack is always incomplete without mentioning a bangle bracelet. Bangles have stackable wearability, and they are thin too. Bangle bracelets are counted as rigid-styled ones. Go for a bangle bracelet with different metals adorned in lab grown diamonds and various textures. It will be the most sophisticated one in your collection.

Slider Bracelets

How thin or broad your wrist may be, slider bracelets are perfect for every wrist. It is one of the most comfortable bracelets one can wear. A pearl dangling from the wrist and moving all around your wrist will look stunning with any outfit.

Cuff Bracelets

You can try a bracelet that needs no effort to put on, i.e. cuff bracelet. These bracelets have a huge variety of textures, designs and materials. For a bold look, you can always go for a wide-cuff bracelet, and the thinner ones are suitable for daily wear. These bracelets have their origin in ancient civilizations.

So, what’s your call? A lightweight slider bracelet or a gemstone-studded sophisticated one? Whenever you are planning to gift her a bracelet, ensure that you choose it as per her personality.