Top 5 Challenges of Snagging and How to Overcome Them

Top 5 Challenges of Snagging and How to Overcome Them

Identifying and fixing any kind of fault or problem in a new building is what is called snagging. This usually happens before the final handover to clients to ensure that all parts of the building meet the necessary standards. Snagging Dubai may seem easy, but it actually involves many challenges, making it very laborious and time-consuming.

  1. Identifying all Defects 

The biggest snagging challenge is pinpointing each and every defect or problem within the premises accurately. Ranging from minor aesthetic issues to essential structural ones that may compromise occupants’ safety in any way. Identifying all defects can be a very complicated task, even for highly experienced snagging professionals.

How to Overcome 

As such, it is an urgent need to be conversant with the set regulations and standards. Another way of ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks is by using a comprehensive snagging checklist. Also, having some specialists who are keen on details in a team can help greatly in picking out all the defects that could have been unnoticed.

  1. Time Constraints 

There is usually a time constraint when snagging is done, as the client wants their new property to be handed over. This means that there is little or no time for professional snaggers to complete their work satisfactorily.

How to Overcome

To address this problem, it is important that the process of snagging be planned and scheduled at an early stage.

  1. Communication Issues

There are multiple parties involved in large construction projects, such as contractors, subcontractors, architects, and clients. Consequently, this creates obstacles to solving snagging issues with ease.

How to Overcome

Solving this challenge requires effective communication. To deal with snags efficiently, clear communication lines should be established among all the players and maintained during the snagging process. This helps to solve matters in time and ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.

  1. Budget Constraints

Snagging is an additional cost to clients, and they may not be willing to spend more money after investing much in the construction project. This can result in limited budgets for snagging, thus making it difficult to deal with all the faults effectively.

How to overcome

Informing customers about snagging and its long-term benefits is crucial in overcoming this challenge. Giving a comprehensive breakdown of expenses related to fixing various defects would also justify the snagging budget.

  1. Access Restrictions

Sometimes, people can’t be able to go through some parts of a home, making it hard for them to identify and solve problems that are there. This is common in commercial buildings or houses with difficult layouts.

How to Overcome

It would be important to schedule access to such areas early in order to overcome these challenges. The use of technology, for example, drones and remote-controlled cameras, will enable one to access parts that are difficult to reach and, hence inspect them.


Newly built properties are only considered safe and of high quality after going through snagging. However, it’s not that easy to get the desired result. Therefore, with knowledge of these difficulties and successful measures put in place to eliminate them, a snagging specialist can guarantee an uninterrupted process that adheres to all standards set for snagging.