Chris Secrest, First-Year Student. Chris says his grandfather was the one responsible for his introduction to carpentry and woodworking as an infant at home in San Antonio. Woodworking was a constant part of his daily life through adulthood, but he chose to pursue screenwriting for a wood bowls long time and earned a living by designing motion graphics and designing.

 A summer workshop in 2018 held at The Krenov School so inspired him that he decided to switch towards woodworking, and the related field full-time. He ended up working on commissions that brought him back the school. The Krenov School.

woodworking field

In relation to his study with The Krenov School, Chris explained: “The emphasis here at The Krenov School is on careful, meticulous progress toward finishing one’s work. The convenience of time and care for details isn’t always the case in the woodworking field, so the techniques and methods I’ve that I’ve learned at Krenov can hopefully help me in my future projects, while staying true to these long-standing traditions as I strive to compete in a larger market of artisans.”

Final product

“Going forward,” Chris stated, “the techniques and practices I’ve learned from Krenov will definitely enhance my style of work and my final product, helping me distinguish my work from those of turn-the-crank machines. There are several projects that are waiting for me to complete my course here is finished and I’m looking forward to applying what I’ve learned right now to these upcoming projects.”

In the first year of his time in The Krenov School, Chris constructed this keepsake for Emerson, his younger son. Emerson to give him a present for Christmas in 2021.

Construction Details

Construction Details The carcass, drawer lid, front and separated tray are made of the most beautiful mahogany piece from Honduras. The top was crafted using an original coopering plane Chris created wood table for a previous coopering project which he thoroughly enjoyed so much that he incorporated the coopered component into the project. The drawer is constructed with sides made of Maple sides. For its wonderful smell, Chris chose Port Orford Cedar for the drawer’s bottom.

 The bottom of the carcass is a Mahogany frame and panel construction, while the compartment of the compartment between it and the compartment is a jointed Tanoak panel. Chris employed Bamboo nails to secure the tray dividers to sides of the tray to provide durability and to add contrast. The two pulls are hand-cut Rosewood that Chris also used for his feet of the box.

Hayden Castagno finishing a chair.

Hayden Castagno, Second-Year Student. Hayden spent his childhood in his father’s fabrication shop , and later then went on to earn money using metals. Hayden was taught the details-oriented aspects of woodworking when he was a teenager and used inlay work to construct skateboards. When researching marquetry He came across The Krenov School mentioned, and in 2019, he applied.

“As a student in my first year of The Krenov School, Hayden stated, “I experienced a complete transformation in my skills as a crafter that can be attributed to the setting: All week long, I was in the company of supportive instructors with inspiring alumni, as well as an established course.”

Crafting tools

Hayden stated that he started by combining his metalworking experience and woodworking skills by crafting tools, beginning with miniature brass spokeshaves. “I have since expanded upon that foundation and launched an enterprise with my name, creating tools that have proved useful in the classroom. I am planning to create practical furniture and keep on the toolmaking route.”