When building a home, you are puzzled with endless dilemmas about the location, whether it will be custom-built, the features, and so many other aspects. But most people like you miss out on the must-haves of home building.

One of the major issues that buyers are concerned about is whether to hire a home builder or a general contractor. The problem is that people believe that a contractor and a builder play the same role. It is not completely wrong though. A home builder can also be a general contractor. But a better way of putting things is that both need to coordinate with each other to make sure the outcome satisfies the customers. Are you exploring Kelowna new homes for sale? That is when you need to consult with builders and general contractors to ensure a smooth build.

Role of a custom home builder

Do you remember talking to a general contractor to discuss the home-building prospects? The answer is no. But you must have screened several home builders to discuss home construction. It may be a single-family home you want to build from scratch or a ranch-style house, the home builder enters the scenario from the beginning. Here is what you need to know:

  • The home builders offer consultation right from the beginning when you have just envisaged your dream home.
  • During the discussions with a home builder, you may get the opportunity to tour new homes for sale in Kelowna BC. That way, you can make a more informed decision when discussing the design concepts as well as the construction.
  • Overall, a home builder is someone deeply involved in home building and takes charge of everything from the beginning until the end.

What should be your expectation from a home builder?

A home builder is to a great extent like a general contractor as they handle the project singlehandedly. But somewhere in between, they need to associate with general contractors to complete the project. However, often builders are general contractors themselves and need not deal with a contracting team to complete the home-building project. If you are looking for homes for sale in Kelowna, connect with Dilworth Homes. They have been building revolutionary homes for many years across Kelowna and are a name that relates to trust for custom home-building projects.

What does a general contractor do?

A general contractor is someone who looks after the construction work of your house, which may make you feel that their role is similar to that of builders. But there is a difference. A general contractor associates with specialists from different fields to handle the construction and is not the specialists themselves.  Suppose you hire a general contractor for home building.

To ensure that your home building task completes on time, you need to hire a team of specialist playing distinctive roles like the architect, flooring contractor, and door or window installers, unlike home builders who handles these tasks personally. A general contracting company finalises the specifications with a team of specialists or subcontractors and pays them to work on the homebuilding project and ensure that it is completed on time.

Expectations from a general contractor

You are familiar with the role of a general contractor now. But what can you expect from a general contracting company?  Your aim should be to watch whether the contractor is thorough with the screening of all those people who need to do the work.
That is why you need to hire someone with extensive knowledge of the building codes they need to follow, budgeting for the project, and inspecting the lot before starting work. The performance of a general contractor comes from the subcontractors with whom they coordinate how diligent they are about sticking to the project schedule or whether they are good at managing the budget of customers. Several of the new houses for sale in Kelowna you come across are the effect of the best coordination between builders and general contractors.

Now, the question is should you hire a builder or a general contractor? A lot depends on the type of home you need to construct. To build a custom home, you need to depend on the builders and leave everything to them to get a finished project. You need to calculate the expertise of a few general contractors and home builders and calculate the time they take to complete the project before you take any decisions.