Keeping your house clean daily is a task. Especially for teenagers, it cannot be easy to maintain cleanliness standards. Still, it is crucial to keep your house clean to feel positive and happy.

If you are staying in an untidy house, it impacts your mental health as well as your physical health. Nevertheless, with tidiness and cleanliness, you will see a difference in your mood and vibe.

There may be certain times when it can be challenging to clear up all the mess. However, most of the time, try to keep your house mess free and as clean as possible.

Tips for cleaning your house with ease

If there are any misses or constraints in your house cleaning, you can follow the below-mentioned steps in your daily routine.

1. Start by Making your Bed

As teenagers, you can start working from your bedroom. Try to be regular in making your bed. Whenever you wake up, quickly clean your bed, and keep it ready.

You will see that whenever you Are around a dirty bed, you do not feel like sitting in that room. But when you clean the bed, it gives you energy and a positive vibe.

Start focusing by changing the bed sheets. Once you change the bed sheet, the bed becomes a mess Free automatically.

As a teenager, you may be facing issues in cleaning and in maintaining the bed sheets clean. Hence, go for washable ones that are easy to clean and do not use much energy.

2. Do one laundry Load per day

Instead of cleaning all your clothes in one go, try to do it a lot wise. For instance, if there are too many clothes at one time, go for one lot per day. Once you have cleaned them, let them dry and then fold them back.

The next day, you can take the other lot and this way you are cleaning all your clothes regularly. This routine can be followed quickly as you put one lot in the machine and finish up your other household chores.

Once the cleaning is done, put them in the dryer, and then you can continue with your other household work.

With very little effort, you can clean all the clothes. With your regular clothes cleaning, your house also feels lighter and makes a good place to live.

3. Go with “Clean Enough.”

Along with your work, it can be challenging to be a perfectionist. If you are not able to clean it to perfection, make it close enough. Try to put everything in place and follow the 80-20 rule.

This rule implies that you are 80% happy with your cleaning and 20% is remaining. This 20% can be gradually reduced to 10% and eventually 0%. However, starting is the most crucial step.

At least bring your cleaning up to 80% and see the difference in your house. For this, you need to indulge in everyday cleaning.

Do not go for weekly schedules or monthly schedules. Every day, if you keep things in place and opt for different cleaning methods, you may quickly bring your 20% to 0%.

4. Involve your whole family

Cleaning should be a family activity. Instead of being involved alone, involve your family too. You can distribute different cleanliness tasks among your family members.

If it is there in a collective manner, it brings quick and good results. For instance, you can take charge of your bedroom and can assign the lobby or living area to other family members. Everybody is involved in a cleaning task, and this keeps the home intact.

This way, even the complicated things become simple, and the time is reduced. In the initial period, you can face difficulty, but as you move further, everybody is in the habit of cleaning their mess and keeping the house clean.

5. Follow a Night Clean-up routine

As mentioned above, everyday cleaning reduces your effort and keeps the house clean. Make it a routine to clean your room every time you go to sleep. A quick cleaning night routine gives you a tidy view in the morning.

When you wake up, waking up to a messy room can be a bit turned off. It may lead to a bad mood and also give you negative energy. But with clean rooms and a view, you may feel good and positive and may start your day on a happy note.

One area that contributes mainly to your home mess is your bedroom. Hence, focus on it. Alternatively, you can start with a vacuum cleaning routine every night. Get your cleaner ready before sleeping and live in a clean house.

6. Consider High Traffic Areas

You should know the high-traffic areas of your house. There are certain areas where most of these things are there. Everybody has a habit of keeping their things in a specific place.

Try to avoid these high-traffic areas and instead keep your things in place. Make sure you have a dedicated space for everything. Sometimes people keep the keys on the bedside table along with their wallets and other small things.

Make a dedicated space for your keys and miscellaneous things in such cases. It’s not the bigger mess that irritates, but small things clutter and give a bad view.

The teenage cleanliness habits

It may seem overwhelming initially, but as you get into the routine, make it a habit. Automatically, it will be in your reflex. Many teenagers focus on decorating their house rather than cleaning it. They spend huge amounts of money on it. 

Sometimes, when their finances need to meet their desires, they even avail loans to build their house aesthetics. In this case, the most common form of borrowing is loans for 18-year-old with no credit and no guarantor benefits.  


It can become difficult for teenagers to keep their houses clean daily. Hence, they have to imbibe such habits that do not require much effort.

You should put your efforts along with the proper techniques. With the habits and techniques mentioned above, you can quickly go for your house cleaning daily.