Sex drive is not a fixed measure and may vary from person to person. You could have a high or not want to have sex, and both are okay. It is normal to have a different sex drive than your peers, and there is nothing wrong with that. You may have several questions regarding your sex drive, and we are here to answer all of those. Read ahead to find the answers you are looking for.

Not Wanting to Have Sex

You may have a different sex drive than your partner, and it may cause conflict. You may not always want to have sex as per your partner’s mood. There is no right and wrong in the sex drive you possess. Not wanting to have sex may be how you feel, but it may upset your partner. It is important to have an open chat and discuss how you feel about it. You could feel less sexual desire due to a present scenario at work, with family, or if you have a dispute with your partner. You may notice changes in your drive once the situation improves.

If the low sex drive is what you are comfortable with and does not bother you, it could be how you are. Do not get pressured to feel the way your peers do. If you are satisfied with your sex life, you do need anyone’s approval. Own it and do not pay heed to what people have to say about their desires. You only need to sort things with your partner. It is important to be on the same page with your partner, and both of you should feel satisfied with your sex life.

If the low-sex desire is new and you feel that is not how you were and would go back to the old self, you can understand the reasons behind it. It could happen due to –

Health conditions – Medical conditions like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, cardiac disorder, cancer, or any other can make sex the last priority for the time being.

Hormonal imbalance – Infections, inflammation, tumors, or some medical conditions could cause hormonal imbalance. Lower testosterone levels can affect the way you feel about sexual intimacy.

Aging – Changes in the sex drive could be due to increasing age.

Stress – Any stress can make your mind lose focus and concentrate on the cause of stress. It could be due to work, family, relationships, children, or financial stress. Anything that would stress you would sabotage your sex life.

Low confidence – If you are underconfident about your body or looks, it will show up in your sexual behavior. The feeling of not wanting to have sex may arise from the fear of being judged or mocked. Learn to love yourself for what you are, and it will automatically make your sex life better.

Mental illnesses – Psychological disorders like depression and anxiety can change the way you think and make sex the least interesting. It could affect your mental and physical health. It would also ruin your relationships, so it is better to manage them with the help of an expert.

Lack of sleep – Poor sleeping patterns can affect your health, and you may feel fatigued the entire day. It would automatically shift your interest and lead to a low sex drive. Other sleep disorders like Obstructive Sleep Apnea(OSA) can cause hormonal changes and lower your testosterone levels which could further affect your sex drive.

Parenthood – New parents often go through a roller coaster ride with the new baby in their lives and added responsibilities. The sleepless nights and adapting to the new life could shift your priorities.

Lifestyle factors – Habits like excessive drinking and smoking could affect your health and potentially affect your sex life.

Relationship issues – Toxic relationships could take all the charm out and could lower your sex drive. For most people, sexual desire comes when they are happy with their partners or are settled in their relationships. If you are constantly disagreeing on everything and have no affection left, it is bound to create a gap and cause changes in your sexual desire.

You could find the exact cause and the solution by consulting a sexologist online if you cannot go to a clinic. Talking to an expert will help diagnose the exact condition and resolve the underlying issue.

Bottom Line

Low sex drive could be your basic nature; if that is the case, it is absolutely normal. You should not compare yourself with the people around you if something makes you happy. Be confident with your belief system and live life on your terms. However, consult a sexologist online if anything bothers you and you would like to seek an expert’s opinion.