Do you know that the reason why most people opt out of Korean Face surgery at the last moment is because of the recovery process? It has been noted among women that around 54% of these women are hesitant before the surgery because they are not ready for the recovery process. Another issue that they face is scars and marks. But plastic surgery provides very fewer scars and marks that are not visible after a few months of the recovery period. Highly skilled specialists offer plastic surgery in the East Bay area, providing advanced and innovative procedures to enhance aesthetics and boost confidence. Yet most people are quite dubious about getting plastic surgery because they cannot afford to rest for a longer period of time to recover from the pain swelling and marks. Also, they feel that the recovery period makes a person more vulnerable to infections and they would need to be at bed rest for the entire recovery period. These are a few myths about plastic surgery that need to be cleared at last. So here is the information that will help you to know more about plastic surgery recovery period:

What is the basic recovery period for any plastic surgery?

A normal recovering period lasts up to two to three months depending upon the kind of surgery. However, a few surgeries may take more time for the recovery process. 

1. The first 24 hours

Within the first 24 hours of the surgery, you will have to remain in the hospital and there has to be someone with you who would look after you personally. But you will be given all kinds of hospital aid along with nurses who would be responsible for taking you to the toilet, dressing you up, arranging your bed or giving you the proper medicines. You will be given pain relief medications and you will not be allowed to leave from the hospital until the first week after your Korean Face surgery. 

2. The first week

In the first week, you will be released from the hospital and you will be advised to hire a personal nurse and disinfect your room at your home. This would also mean that you will have to take extra care to remain in a hygienic atmosphere so that you do not develop any kind of infection. 

3. Three weeks later

After three weeks, you can resume your daily routine and even go for heavy work. However, you will have to maintain the proper diet along with medication. Furthermore, you will be asked to visit the hospital for a regular checkup. 

This is why you should not worry about recovery. Along with the Korean Plastic Surgery Cost, you will also have to bear the cost of recovery.