Acid reflux or acidity these days is a condition affecting millions of people in the world due to many reasons. The biggest reason among these reasons is that people are excessively eating fast or junk foods every day. They have made it their habit to consume fast foods with different sweet or sugary drinks. When you consume such products for a long time they leave negative effects on your stomach and intestine.

Mostly, they affect your stomach in mild to moderate ways. However, they can also severely affect your stomach and its functioning gets disturbed. The stomach starts to make more acid than the digestive system needs to digest the foods. This condition is known to be acidic.

According to the best homeopathic doctor in Lahore, controlling the desire of eating fast foods can help in preventing acidity in the stomach. In addition to controlling this desire, you can also adopt many healthy habits for preventing acidity.

You already know that every healthcare specialist recommends every person take measures for preventing health conditions. Acidity is a health condition that leads to many other problems. Additionally, it does not come alone, there are many other symptoms that appear due to this problem.

Burning sensations or pain in the throat or chest, gas, as well as frequent burping are the most common symptoms when your stomach starts making extra acid. Extra acid in the stomach can also cause bad breath and constipation in many people. Some people can also face symptoms such as heaviness of the stomach and vomiting after eating a meal.

So, what will be, for acidity, the possible solutions? Some common home remedies that many homeopathic doctors recommend can be helpful against this problem.

Recommendations for Acidity

These recommendations or home remedies will show effectiveness against the excessive production of acid in the stomach. These remedies will make your stomach produce acid in fewer amounts that are enough for the digestive system to digest foods you eat every day:

1. Fennel Seeds

In Asian countries, people know fennel seeds with the name saunf. You will find fennel seeds in every house of the Asian population. It is a common belief of Asian people that their digestion process will improve if they will consume some fennel seeds after every meal.

Well, this is not only a belief any more. Many scientific studies are indicating fennel seed’s efficacy for the digestive system. A study explains that if you consume the powder of fennel seeds with a warm glass of water every day, you will become very unlikely to experience stomach or digestive problems.

This habit of consuming fennel seeds powder with water will help in reducing the amount of acid in the stomach. The powder of fennel seeds will also help in preventing and reducing many other symptoms such as heartburn and bloating by improving the process of digestion in many people. Therefore, making it a habit to consume fennel seeds will be worth more than anything.

2. Stay Up After Eating

When you lay or sit, the acid in the stomach moves to other body parts and causes severe irritation. Even for some patients, it becomes really difficult to sit or lay while experiencing acidity. However, in contrast to sitting or laying, when you walk or stand your gravity helps in keeping the acid where it belongs.

It is a habit of many people to eat and after eating go to sleep immediately. This habit is disastrous for increasing the risks of acidity. If you are experiencing acidity because you eat and just sleep, then you can’t blame any of your other habits.

You need to eat your dinner for at least three hours before going to sleep. This means that you will not consume extra snacks or sweet dishes after dinner. Immediately not sleeping after the meal will also improve your digestion process.

3. Use Cloves Every Day

Cloves are also important for many digestive functions. Your digestive functions will automatically tend to improve if you consume cloves every day. Sucking a clove after a meal will help in reducing the levels of acidity in your stomach.

Other digestive symptoms such as flatulence or gastric irritability will also decrease due to clove sucking. The taste of cloves can be bitter for you. However, you can bear a little bit of bitterness to get rid of the acidity that is causing huge irritation.

4. Cardamom is a Good Choice

Cardamom is a good herb to increase the taste and fragrance of any food or beverage. But it can also be a cure for many health conditions such as acidity. A friend told me to chew two cardamoms after every meal. When I started doing it every day, I was shocked to see the effectiveness of cardamom. The use of cardamom will reduce flatulence.