Uric acid is a waste product formed from digestion and absorption in the human body. Our digestive system processes the food we ingest, and the waste produced is removed through the excretory system. Excessive uric acid is a common problem faced by the present generation.

Most of the uric acid produced in the body is dissolved in the blood. Kidneys filter it and pass it through urine. A standard test for uric acid is also done through a blood profile. Uric acid, a byproduct of purine, gets collected near the joints if unregulated. These purine crystals then accumulate around the joints and cause issues like GOUT. One of the typical symptoms of high uric acid in the body is swelling up of joints. Kidney stones are also one of the major conditions that can be caused by high uric acid. A person suffering from kidney stones may experience pain in the side. Smelly urine and nausea are some of the common symptoms of kidney stones.

What Causes Uric Acid?

The causes of uric acid are clear and so is its generation in our body. Some foods are rich in purine which may trigger excess production of uric acid. Some of the common reasons for unregulated uric acid levels are:

  • Purine-rich diet: Meat, eggs, and pulses are all rich in purine and contribute to increased uric acid in the body. People developing gout problems or any other uric acid related issues need to control their consumption.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol increases the production of uric acid in the body. Alcohol adversely affects the filtering function of the kidney besides interfering in the body’s ability to remove uric acid resulting in complications.
  • Obesity: Adipose tissue or fatty tissue can also contribute to the increased secretion of uric acid in the body.
  • Genetics: Genetics play a major role in the natural secretion of uric acid in the human body.
  • Diuretics: They cause the body to lose water through urination. They can be present naturally in our diet and could be prescribed by the doctor. They usually prescribe diuretics to the person with high blood pressure. It tends to lower blood pressure with frequent visits to the loo.

Early detection of uric acid is essential. There are generally two types of tests that help detect the uric acid in the body. The first one is a blood test which is, as the name suggests, a sample taken from the bloodstream.

Another option is a urine test where the urine sample is taken for 24 hrs. The collected sample is then submitted to the lab for testing.

How To Measure It?

Generally, getting a blood test is the preferred way of diagnosing the serum uric acid content in the bloodstream. Uric Acid Test Price in India can vary depending on where you live. It starts from around ₹150 and can stretch to ₹600. The testing procedures differ depending on the labs, hence the cost anomaly.

For a healthy male, the uric acid content in the bloodstream is 2.5 -7.0 mg/dl (milligram per deciliter). The uric acid content in the bloodstream is 1.5 – 6.0 mg/dl for a healthy female. The values may vary depending on the lab doing the test.

What Does Your Report Mean?

Suppose the blood result comes in the higher ranges. In that case, that may indicate a variety of underlying issues. Uric acid content above 7.0mg/dl in males and above 6.0mg/dl in females is considered high. It could indicate a variety of underlying issues such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Diet containing a higher amount of purine
  • Kidney disorder (kidney not functioning correctly and not filtering the body’s waste products)
  • Kidney stones

Uric acid content below 2.5 mg/dl for males and below 1.5mg/dl for females is considered low. If the blood test results are in the lower ranges, it could indicate one of the following:

  • Wilson’s Disease, a genetic disorder where excess copper is produced in the body
  • Fanconi Syndrome, a condition that affects the kidney. Nutrition which is supposed to be absorbed into the bloodstream is passed on through urine
  • Alcoholism
  • A diet low in purines


Anything below or above the suggested uric acid level can lead to complications in the human body. Uric acid test price in India is affordable and can be done without any hassles. Customer-friendly services like sample collection at home and quick sample results make it convenient for patients. Make sure to get these checked as these conditions can become fatal over a period of time when left unchecked.

Uric acid can be controlled with the help of generic medicines and by following a proper diet. One must consult a physician for proper guidance as every human body has different biochemistry. The right diagnosis at the right time can unveil any underlying condition and be treated accordingly.

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