Lip Reduction Surgery – Choosing The Right Surgeon

Having large lips can be a cosmetic disadvantage, especially if they are uneven in size or shape. The lipoplasty procedure aims to correct this by reducing the size of the lips and making them appear more uniform and aesthetically pleasing. This lip reduction is typically done when other lip surgeries have failed to achieve desired results or when the patient has large lips due to genetics.

When Is Lip Reduction Surgery An Option?

Lip reduction surgery is an option for people who have large or redundant lips. It can be performed on the upper lip or lower lip. Lip reduction surgery is a procedure in which excess lip tissue is removed. It involves using a laser or incision to make a smaller lip line. This procedure can be done in a variety of ways, such as surgery with a laser or knife.

Lip reduction surgery usually lasts around two hours. The recovery period is usually several days, and patients are able to eat and drink normally after the procedure. Overall, lip reduction surgery has few side effects and is considered safe. Plus, it provides good cosmetic results without causing any major complications. 

Types Of Lip Reduction Surgery

Lip size reduction is the most common type of lip reduction surgery. During this surgery, a surgeon makes an incision on your lip and uses local anesthesia to numb the area. The surgeon then makes a small incision around the circumference of your lip. This allows them to carefully reduce the size of your lips using surgery. This procedure can be used for cosmetic reasons or for medical reasons, such as liposuction. 

In liposuction by laser, a surgeon uses a laser to cut away fatty tissue below your lips. This procedure can be used to treat swelling or lip atrophy caused by chronic lip injury or scarring. It is also used to diminish the size of a prominent overhang of tissue on one side of the lower lip, known as a double chin.

Another cosmetic lip reduction procedure is vascular lip reduction. During this surgery, a surgeon uses heat and a small balloon to reduce the size of blood vessels in the lower part of your lip. This procedure can help flatten out any excess fat in that area, making your lips look smaller and more shapely. Another cosmetic lip reduction procedure is radiofrequency Liposuction. 

During this surgery, a surgeon uses radiofrequency energy to reduce the size of fat cells and tissues in your lips. This procedure can help contour and shape your lips by targeting those areas specifically with little surrounding skin damage.

Injectable procedures are another type of cosmetic lip reduction surgery used in reducing the size of lips without surgical incisions or scars. In these surgeries, doctors use fillers such as Cytotoxic Hyaluronic Acid (HA) or Restylane® to increase volume and enhance shape. They are generally effective at decreasing the appearance of scarring from previous surgeries or

Cost Of Lip Reduction Surgery

Lip reduction and face plastic surgery cost in India varies depending on the surgeon. In most cases, lip reduction surgery includes surgery, post-operative care, and any complications that may arise. The cost of lip reduction surgery may also include additional fees for cosmetic procedures or implants. 

Before choosing a lip reduction surgeon, it’s important to discuss your budget and expectations with them in detail. Some insurance companies may cover some or all of the cost of lip reduction surgery. However, it’s essential to understand your insurance policy before making a decision regarding lip reduction surgery.

Recovery Time After Lip Reduction Surgery

Following lip reduction surgery, patients experience varying degrees of discomfort and can take several weeks to recover. Most patients will be able to resume their normal activities within a few days, but they may need to take time off work for recovery. The time it takes for general soreness and swelling to subside after lip reduction surgery varies depending on the surgery type and technique used. 

Most patients experience minimal discomfort following lip reduction surgery and can resume their normal activity level within a few days. However, some patients may need rehabilitation exercises to help restore lost muscle mass and tone. It may take several weeks for post-operative swelling to go down completely, but most patients can return to their normal lives within a few weeks. Patients should avoid strenuous activity for the first few weeks after surgery as this could prolong recovery time.


It’s essential to choose a surgeon with the experience and credentials required to perform lip reduction surgery. The surgeon must be able to tell you how much swelling, bruising, or stitches there will be and what your recovery time will be. They must also be able to give you a detailed postoperative plan and ensure that you follow it. If you have any concerns about lip reduction surgery, it’s best to seek consultation with a cosmetic surgeon for an opinion.