A male-predominant sexual disorder called erectile dysfunction involves the penis’ inability to produce an erection. Getting and maintaining an erection is tough for men who are currently coping with penile failure. Using medications like Cenforce 200 is one of the easy cures for erectile dysfunction. We’ll research this more.

The two main facets of the condition that will be covered in this article are the causes and the efficient treatment options.

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Causes of the disorder known as penile failure

Penile failure condition can affect men above the age of 18 at any age. You can learn why it might appear in men by reading this article.

Receiving injury to the tissues of your penis is one of the most typical reasons of impotence. You might not have any erections at all if your penile tissues are unable to work regularly.

In addition to this, a patient’s pre-existing diseases may contribute to erectile dysfunction. You could be using Fildena 200 for erectile dysfunction disorder because it may be threatened by both physical and psychological conditions.

The following physical conditions currently cause male impotence:



cardiac conditions

Nerve conditions

severely damaged blood vessels

Remember that the lack of blood supply to the penis tissues is what causes the majority of the aforementioned illnesses that require you to take Cenforce 200. Your penis won’t get erection-inducing blood flow.

Not only this, either. Even if you have psychological problems, this could end up being the cause of your erectile dysfunction.

Several psychic conditions that might cause erectile dysfunction include:





You may be using medicine largely due to one or more of the aforementioned psychological issues since you have no interest in or desire for sex. Males who suffer from any of the aforementioned diseases may lose interest in having sex.

What Are the Risk Factors That Could Cause Impotence in You?

Now that you are aware of the compelling arguments in favor of using Fildena 100 to treat erectile dysfunction, it is time to learn about the dangerous signs of erectile dysfunction.

Of course, you won’t be able to understand why any of the aforementioned medical or psychological diseases may manifest in you until you are aware of the risk factors.

Here are a few risk factors that could make you develop any of the conditions described above.

consuming mostly snacks and foods high in oil and cheese

consuming packaged food and preservatives

consuming a lot of sugary foods


heavy alcohol consumption

excessive use of narcotic drugs like cocaine and marijuana

not managing the stress of the workplace

not working out

taking steroid-containing medications

Recognizing ED treatment

To cure ED, you must get used to any type of ED medication, including those like Cenforce 200. However, that is not your only choice.

Here is a collection of ED treatment options, both allopathic and natural.

Utilizing medication

One of the common and affordable ways to gain an erection is to use medications like Cenforce. The only issue with this is that men above the age of 65 cannot be provided medication. 

Additionally, taking medications may have adverse effects, so you should only take ED medications under a doctor’s supervision and in the recommended dosage.

Procedures for ED

By having surgery for ED, it is possible to permanently cure erectile dysfunction. There are essentially two types of operations performed for ED. The doctors will reposition your blood veins and arteries during the penile arterial repair operation. Penile implant surgery is the alternative form of surgery to this.

Exercises for treating ED

Unless the condition is extremely serious, it is the finest natural treatment for you to gradually cure erectile dysfunction. You can schedule a workout session around your schedule and participate in kegel and penile floor exercises. The good news is that you can do it while still consuming medications like Cenforce 100.

Acupuncture Treatment

You participate in acupuncture therapy to resolve issues with blood flow disturbance. This traditional Chinese therapy involves applying pressure to your body’s trigger points in order to dissolve internal blood clots.

Eating Therapy

Consuming healthy foods that can promote erections is part of the diet therapy for ED. You should avoid foods that are high in lipids, cholesterol, carbohydrates, and refined sugars because they can all cause erectile dysfunction (ED).