Bail bonds can help to lessen the stress involved in court proceedings, which includes court appearance and unexpected amount of money demanded from the defender to avoid landing in jail while awaiting the court appearance. Bail bonds in Birmingham, AL are further divided into many types. Let’s learn about each of them. 

Security bonds 

In this type of bond, the bail bond agency pays the whole bail amount. The defendant only has to pay around 10% of their bail initially. The rest of the amount will be paid later. This way, the defendant is free to go under the assumption that they will appear whenever the court asks them to appear. If the defendant skips the bail, the court can issue a warrant for immediate arrest. 

Cash bail bonds 

If you have cash in your hand, it is relatively easy for you to pay the bail bond and secure the release of your loved one who is in jail because of some reason. If you manage to attend all your given dates by the court and the case is finished, you will get the money back. 

Property bonds 

As its name suggests, this type of bond uses a property as a bail bond. The major difference between a security bond and a property bond is the time takes to settle. Security bonds can be settled in a few hours, while property bonds may take a few weeks. 

Federal bonds 

If you have been arrested for any federal crime, you will have to go with federal bonds with the help of your bail bonds company. This type of bonds works as regular bonds but is used only in federal cases. 

Criminal bonds

This is a kind of assurance the defendants give to the court that they will appear in court whenever they are asked to appear. And when the case is settled, the money will be returned to the defendant. However, if the defendants fail to appear in court on the given date, the defendant may have to return to the jail. 

Traffic bail bonds 

It allows the defendant to get out of jail after paying a very less sum of money than the total bail amount. The bail bond company will pay the full amount if the defendant fails to appear in court. 

Ending notes 

For more clarity, you can directly ask the experts at the bail bonds company in Birmingham, which has been serving the defendants for years by helping them get out of jail.