Are you trying to decide between the dyson v10 fluffy vs absolute for your home? Both models are quite similar, although the Absolute is considered an upgrade of the Fluffy. Let’s take a look at both vacuums and compare their features so that you can decide which one is best suited for your needs. 

The Design of Both Vacuums 

Both models feature a sleek design with a dustbin capacity of 0.76 liters, allowing you to quickly and easily empty out dirt and debris after each use. The V10 Absolute also comes with a mini-motorized tool that is great for getting into tight spaces, such as baseboards and corners, while the V10 Fluffy does not have this feature. 

The Power & Suction of Both Vacuums 

When it comes to power, the difference between these two models is quite minimal; both offer up to 150 watts of suction power in their highest setting. However, when it comes to suctioning up pet hair or other small particles from carpets and furniture, the Absolute model has an edge over the Fluffy due to its anti-tangle technology, which helps reduce tangles in pet hair as well as other types of debris. 

The Battery Life & Accessories of Both Vacuums 

In terms of battery life, both vacuums offer up to 40 minutes on their lowest setting and they come with several accessories that are useful for cleaning hardwood floors, carpets, furniture, stairs, and more. The V10 Absolute also includes a mini-motorized brush head which makes it easier to clean tight spaces like around furniture legs or under couches; something that isn’t available on the V10 Fluffy model.  


Ultimately, if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that offers powerful suction and plenty of accessories for all types of cleaning tasks then either model will work great for your home. However if you’re specifically looking for better performance when it comes to cleaning pet hair or hard-to-reach areas then we recommend going with the Dyson V10 Absolute over the Dyson V10 Fluffy. Whatever choice you make though be sure to stay tuned into where we link back to original authors and provide helpful tips in implementing certain designs into your home! Happy Cleaning!