It is a straightforward process of replacing car batteries, and many vehicle owners can do so with the right equipment, tools and some basic information. The fresh battery makes sure your vehicle starts the car reliably and powers all your electrical systems smoothly. Auto service Dubai assists you in replacing the battery according to your vehicle requirements. 

Make sure you have the basic tools and equipment in your hand before changing the battery. 

  1. A brand new car’s battery 
  2. Gloves and goggles 
  3. Pliers and wrenches 
  4. Terminal of the battery
  5. Wiring brush 
  6.  Terminal protectant 
  7. Carrier battery 

Step 1: Protection

For Car battery replacement,  Protection themselves is your main priority when holding the car battery. Start by wearing the goggles and gloves to save your eyes and skin from the toxic material that may be present in the battery and its terminal. Ensure your vehicle is parked in the vandalized zone to lessen the chance of inhaling damaged fumes. 

Step 2: Locate the Car Battery

The car hood is opened, and the old batter is located. Generally, like the square-shaped box with two metallic terminals, it has a negative and is protected by the battery clamp. 

Step 3: Determine Battery Terminals

Before disconnecting the terminal, you must check the positive and negative terminal identification. The positive terminal sign was + red, and the negative showed like – black. Know which terminal is important for the protection removal and installation of the new battery. 

Step 4: Disconnecting  Terminals 

 Employing the best wrench, loosening the nut on the black terminal. Considerably, do not let the twist touch any part of the car while working on this terminal. Once the nut is loose, gently wiggle the terminal off the post. The terminal is stuck due to corrosion. You may be required to use the battery puller and gently pry it off. 

Furthermore Disconnecting the negative, repeat this procedure for the positive one and keep the positive terminal wire away from the metallic part of the vehicle. 

Step 8: Installing New Battery

Place the new battery in the battery tray, and ensure the positive terminal is on the same scale as the old battery positive terminal. Protect the battery with the clamp and tighten the nuts. 

Step 9: Reconnecting Terminals 

Now reconnect the positive terminal to the new battery. Tighten the nuts all and securely but prevent them from over-tightening the nuts. Otherwise it will damage the battery. Same would like to tighten the nuts for the negative terminal to the new battery and avoid the overtighten process. 

Step 11: Checking  Connections

Ensure the terminals are protected and fastened to the new battery, showing no movement and play in the storm.


Replacing the car battery is a manageable and challenging task that can save you time and only. Following the above guide and taking the proper protection precautions ensure your vehicle runs effectively and efficiently with the new battery. If you ever feel unsafe about replacing your car battery, look for the assistance of a professional mechanic.