Significance of a Cover Letter from Professional Cover Letter Writers

Professional cover letter writer working on a laptop

Searching for an academic job is challenging. It’s normal for colleges and universities to get over 300 applications from fully-qualified potential faculty to teach a single half-credit course. The Babb Group’s experience is that newly-graduated PhDs should expect to submit 100 applications for teaching jobs before they receive one invitation to interview.

It’s certainly important for job applications to be true to the established format while standing out.

Inside and outside academia, online job searches are dominated by search phrases, machine reading, and algorithm-based applications that use artificial intelligence to ensure precision in desired qualifications and experience are met before any human even scans the application documents.

Among all the job search documents in an academic submission package, the cover letter is especially important and that’s why people ask for professional cover letter writers.

You can control the quality and relevance of this document by discussing the following in the one-page long text:

  • Mention recent and current research or teaching
  • Mention colleagues and mentors who are actively working in the field and how you have worked with them
  • Remember that while your CV will have a current and full list of your publications and citations, the cover letter should also list the most recent ones
  • If you are applying to faith-based institutions, reference the values statement or personal testimony contained in your package and refer to your faith community membership
  • Customize the cover letter for each job you are applying for and include any relationship you have, or have had with the college or university as a student, instructor, conference attendee, or conference presenter

It’s very difficult to strike the right balance between being too modest about accomplishments and coming across as a braggart. For that reason, many academic job seekers choose professional cover letter writing services from The Babb Group for their custom job search requirements. Professional cover letter writers always look at their clients’ accomplishments, work history, and character traits with objectivity and write the cover letter accordingly.

“When a professional writes your CV and cover letter, they are pulling in strengths that you may see or you may not know how to put your skills into the language an institution is looking for,” said Dr. Dorothy Miraglia, the Vice President of Academic and Professor Services at The Babb Group.

The Babb Group has been helping academics find online teaching jobs since the advent of online education and help writing a cover letter for them. In addition to helping academic job seekers compose cover letters and CVs, the consultancy also offers job leads subscriptions that can be customized to each field and an application submissions service for seekers who are too busy working to conduct their own job search.

“They helped me craft my CV and design my cover letter. The Babb Group has the ability to find my strengths and they helped me to phrase my information in a way that would draw attention to my real-world experience and describe how it is relevant to a teaching environment,” said Mary Ann Reeley, an online instructor for community colleges. “Whether you’ve been doing volunteer work, or working in a call center, or whatever, these are the experiences that help to expand your view and they enhance whatever you are doing now. All these things increase your ability to relate to students.”

It is advisable to go for the best cover letter writing service if you do not want to lose your chances to become the right candidate for your required job.