The debate over the healthiness of fast food is a heated one, and Chipotle has become a go-to source for many looking for quick meals on the go. But is chipotle unhealthy? We’re here to answer that question and provide tips for eating healthy at Chipotle.

What Makes Chipotle Healthy?
The first thing to note about Chipotle is that they use fresh ingredients in all their dishes, including organic produce when available. They also strive to use responsibly sourced ingredients whenever possible, including antibiotic-free pork and chicken, grass-fed beef, and sustainable seafood. Additionally, they offer vegetarian and vegan options as well as dishes made with whole grains. All of these elements make Chipotle a great choice for those looking for healthier fast food options.

How to Eat Healthy at Chipotle
If you’re trying to eat healthy at Chipotle, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. First of all, try opting for lean proteins such as chicken or steak rather than ones high in saturated fat like carnitas or barbacoa. Additionally, go light on the cheese and sour cream as these can add up quickly in terms of calories and saturated fat. Finally, load up on the veggies—they’re filling but low in calories!

In conclusion, while it might not be the healthiest option out there, eating at Chipotle doesn’t have to be unhealthy if you make smart choices about what you order. By sticking with lean proteins and loading up on vegetables instead of heavy sauces or cheese, you can enjoy your meal without feeling guilty afterwards! For more information on how to make healthier choices when eating out or cooking at home, check out our blog for helpful tips and recipes!