Pets are an integral part of a family. They bring you happiness, comfort, unconditional love, and support whenever needed. The pet’s death can be a considerable setback and trauma for its owner, and many grieve as they would when their loved ones pass away. A funeral is no different than that of a human. It is the ultimate way of honouring and celebrating their life. This is also an essential way of getting closer and overcoming grief. Pet Funerals don’t need to be expensive or elaborate. A simple ceremony with intimate family and friends is enough. Sometimes, people also organize a more extensive pet funeral service so everyone who knew the furry animal could come and bid their last goodbye.

Burial or Cremation

Once the pet passes away, its burial becomes the next big thing. Owners can create an outdoor memorial for their pet; some people plant flowers and trees over the grave while others install stone memories of a marker. When hosting a memorial, keeping a small area with small memories of them is recommended. This might include their favourite toys, photos, or other keepsakes. People can either enlist for help from a pet cremation service or DIY a pet burial on their own. If someone decides to hold a scattering ashes ceremony, they can go to their pet’s favourite park, lake, or play area to honour their favourite memory. However, when scattering ashes in public, one should be considerate of others. Please Don’t leave the ashes where they can be found quickly, and it is always recommended to check with the city’s park department and the park ranger about the rules and guides about scattering ashes there.

Importance In Children’s Life

Pet funerals are usually informal and provide an excellent opportunity for children to express their emotions and allow them to remember good times with their pets. It is always recommended to involve the children in the planning and organizing. It will help them feel like they are part of the process and have at least some controls over what is happening, making saying goodbyes easier. Believe it or not, saying goodbyes is much more demanding for kids than adults. Acknowledging a child’s feelings is essential. Death of the pet is most likely the first death a child experiences, and therefore, it is most difficult for them as the concept is new to them. If at the funeral, children don’t cry or speak like others, then instead of persisting them, one should encourage their process and allow them their time. If one is attending such a pet funeral, bringing a small pet memorial or a sympathy gift should be considered, as this token might make a significant change for them to overcome the grief.

For most people, pet funerals are an opportunity for closure as it is often difficult to accept a pet’s death, and it is even harder to move past it. So, creating a way to honour and commemorate their lives allows the owners and loved ones to step closer to overcoming the grief. As mentioned above, there are many ways and types in which one can honour their pet, so choose one and honour their life.