How to be successful? This is the most commonly asked question and there is no one answer to it. Some say it is hard work while some say it is luck. Some are of the view that only staying honest helps while some believe in taking shortcuts. Even though; there ain’t no magical formula for being successful but there surely are tips that will help an individual in becoming successful in his respective field. The field in discussion is going to be the field of law. As George Sheehan said;

“Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be.”

There are many lawyers out there but only a bunch of them are successful. Multiple factors are required to become a successful lawyer. For example; when you take the research work that contributes to your final marks rather it is the thesis as a whole including its language, tone, style, etc. the following post will highlight the factor of how to become a successful lawyer in the US.

What does it take to become a lawyer in the USA?

A lawyer is someone who studies and practices law. There are also types of lawyers like a solicitor, a prosecutor, an attorney, etc but on a general level, an individual who studies law is known as a lawyer. Besides that; there are divisions based on specializations as well like contract lawyers, criminal lawyers, family lawyers, and so on.

It takes about seven to eight years to become a practicing lawyer in the USA. One might need professional assistance in different forms varying from taking Law Research Paper Writing Service from professionals to taking career guidance from a successful lawyer but the key is to stay consistent. The following steps are required to become a lawyer in the USA;

  • Completion of bachelor’s degree from a law school. There is no particular requirement of any discipline that must be pursued before getting into a law college.
  • After completing the graduation in law, a Juris (JD) degree has to be earned to practice law in the USA.
  • Law students are required to pass the bar examination of a particular state before being able to practice in that specific state.

Some of the best law universities in the USA:

The USA constitutes some of the best law schools in the whole world. The following are some of the best law schools/ universities in the USA;

  • Harvard Law School.
  • Vermont Law School.
  • Penn State Law.
  • Florida State University.
  • Stetson University College of Law.
  • Western Sierra Law School.

Factors that help in making the lawyer successful:

Besides getting into a good law school and obtaining good grades, there are other factors that help the lawyer in becoming a successful one in the USA. These factors are as follows;

1.     Excellent communication skills:

The most important skill that is attribute of a successful writer is his oratory skills.  A lawyer must not be a good listener but also have great communication skills. It is because these communication skills are going earn him more clients and help him going to win the cases. Writing also plays an integral part in a lawyer’s life because he has to make the legal documents and all but it is the communication skills, that need to be most developed.

2.     Strong analytical skills:

A lawyer is to give a huge bundle of information, and from all that information the lawyer has to sieve only the most informative and logical parts. Only a lawyer with great analytical skills will be able to pinpoint the important points from the ball of information. This helps the lawyer in coming to a good conclusion.

3.     Good judgment:

Being good at judgment means being able to draw a good and logical conclusion from whatever information that has been provided to the lawyer. It is very rare that the lawyer is provided with a complete truth but it is the job of the lawyer to find a whole truth and give a proper ending to the story.  It is the judgment of the lawyer that allows him to point out the weaknesses of the opposing party and to use them to rule over them.

Despite the importance of policy judgments to legal reasoning, lawyers have not widely acknowledged the method for utilizing policies in legal reasoning (Vandevelde, 19th April, 2019). Acknowledged or not, it still is an important factor in making the lawyer a successful one.

4.     Passion for learning:

A successful lawyer never stops learning. His yearning for acquiring more knowledge never ends and knowledge never does any harm to a person. Obviously; it is the knowledge about the field of law. The more a lawyer will invest his time in studying cases and law-related books, the more his law skills are going to be developed.

5.     Compassion for clients:

Professionalism and courtesy go side by side when it comes to becoming a successful lawyer. No matter how little or how complicated the case seems to be still, a lawyer must treat each client with the same attention.

6.     Time-management:

This is one such factor that is implied in all spheres of life. Having an organized schedule and following it properly can take a person to newer heights. It’s better to deal in an organized and structured manner with some creativity and divide it part by part (bestassignmentwriters, 2020). Different tasks are interconnected with a single case including meetings, mediation, hearings, research, compiling paperwork, and gathering information. All of these tasks require time that must be made with a proper schedule.


Everybody wants to be successful in their respective fields but not everyone is familiar with the factors that help in becoming successful in that particular field. The field of law also has certain factors that can help lawyers in succeeding in their respective areas. Hopefully; the above-mentioned post will help the lawyers in achieving the success that they have been yearning.


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