The abrupt change of the climate has developed as one of the greatest environmental challenges experienced by the world today. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that the environmental problem will have a great impact on human health in different ways.

The earth’s upward temperatures are the basic reasons behind the melting of ice caps, increasing sea levels, shifting rainfalls, frequent droughts, and so on. And all these occurrences are the consequences of the ever-increasing amount of CO2 emissions which is termed as carbon footprint. So, reducing your carbon footprint is the one and only solution to let this planet survive.

Green Energy Solutions – How To Be Proactive to Minimize Carbon Footprint

Global warming and consequential climatic change is an unarguably severe problem that needs solutions at the global scale. As per experts’ overview at Green Energy Solutions– a leading community in the domain of clean and renewable energy for homes in California- people need to understand the criticality of reducing carbon footprint given that its emissions are the core grounds of universal climate changes.

Every individual need to play a proactive role at the stage by believing in the proverb that says ‘charity begins at home’. Once you start taking productive steps to lessen the carbon footprint of your home, this will inspire your neighbors. Apart from this, awareness can be built through local campaigning programs at the community level. Also, voting for political parties that are serious to take initiatives to lessen carbon footprint can be a great choice.

3 Primary Steps to Lessen Carbon Footprint

Upgrading your heating system

If your heating system is old, make sure to replace it with an energy-efficient new-generation heating system. it will get you an immense opportunity to trim down the CO2 emissions as well as cut your energy bills. As HVAC alone consumes nearly ½ of your energy bill, they are one of the major contributors of CO2 emissions in greenhouse gases. So, minimize its use as far as practicable to reduce your carbon footprint as well as make money by saving on the utility bill. 

Plant a tree

Planting one or more trees is a brilliant way to get clean air and combat climate change. Put simply, when a plant takes breaths, it breathes in carbon dioxide and breathes out oxygen, exactly the reverse of humans. Therefore, planting a tree helps you by absorbing the CO2 emissions of your home. A mature plant can consume as much as 48 pounds of CO2 annually and provide ample oxygen for you and your family to breathe in.

Bring home energy-efficient appliances

While replacing the heating system and insulating your home offers you an opportunity to lessen CO2 emissions rate, bringing home energy-efficient appliances simplifies the way to cut your carbon footprint. Also, the way you use these appliances affects the amount of energy they consume. Simply minimizing their uses and making some adjustments can reduce their energy consumption and lower carbon emissions. According to Green Energy Solutions, also reusing and recycling, using a bike or cycle to work, consuming less meat, turning down the thermostat, etc can help you greatly to reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet.