Social media is ubiquitous and almost everyone now has over five hundred connections. I’ve always felt, like the name suggests, ‘Facebook’ friendships start with your portrait photograph. You will see people using a variety of images, but to make the best first impression there is nothing like a professional portrait photograph. This is true for LinkedIn, which is at the crux of social media for business relationships, job hunting, and checking people’s work history. Apart from this, portrait photographs can be used for multiple other things that make my imagination run wild.

Finding the top portrait photographers in Saint Petersburg, FL, is not difficult. What could be a dash complicated is identifying the best portrait photographer in Saint Petersburg for you. Some photographers specialize in commercial or product photography, others are experts at events and weddings. If you know, it is a digital photography studio with a young professional that has expertise in multiple genres armed with his DSLR.

Is portrait photography easy?

The most challenging genre of photography is portraits. During a session there are so much to learn and so many unknowns that it is extremely complex. Like with all forms of photography, the goal is revealing something about the client to the viewer. Reaching a place with the subject where this is even possible is a combination of several factors. Everything from composition and light to choice of background and choice of depth of field make a huge difference on the result. However, a top portrait photographer from St. Petersburgh, FL, will elevate their photographs using their connection with their subject or client.

What is unique about Aziz’s portraits?

A portrait photographer from St. Petersburg like Aziz El Hababi makes a few tweaks to camera settings and lights that take his portrait photographs to another level. One of the factors that make his shoot a success is the choice of location. Aziz makes it something that will further the story he is trying to tell about the client or subject. He usually chooses a location where the subject is comfortable. 

Talking about the weather or garments for the shoot help the subject to relax and build a rapport with the portrait photographer from St. Petersburg. In addition, Aziz selects a location to which the subject already has a connection to. Sometimes you’ll find Aziz talking you through a photograph to explain the light or shade – he is friendly and open to new ideas.