Dubai, a vibrant city celebrated for its opulent lifestyle and awe-inspiring skyscrapers, proudly hosts the Aura Skypool Lounge in Dubai. This remarkable destination blends relaxation and exhilaration in a unique way, inviting both tourists and locals to an unforgettable experience. Journey with us as we explore what makes the Aura Skypool Lounge in Dubai an exceptional place to visit.

The World’s Highest 360° Infinity Pool

Nestled at the core of Aura Skypool Lounge in Dubai is an extraordinary feature: the world’s highest 360° infinity pool. Elevated high above the urban landscape, this pool gifts visitors with a peerless view of Dubai’s skyline. Picture yourself swimming at the brink of a towering building, gazing down at the architectural marvels below. This blend of thrill and tranquility creates an unparalleled experience.

Skypool Experiences

The Aura Skypool Lounge in Dubai is more than just its pool; it’s a holistic experience. With options ranging from peaceful morning swims to lively evenings, there’s something here to match every mood and preference.

Sunrise Pool Experience

Greet the day with the Sunrise Pool Experience, perfect for early birds. From the first light of dawn till 9 am, guests can partake in a calm swim while watching the sun ascend over Dubai’s iconic skyline. The deck, adorned with cozy daybeds and sofas, provides a haven for relaxation under the morning sun, complemented by soft, ambient music.

Morning Pool Experience

As the morning unfolds, the Morning Pool Experience, from 10 am to 2 pm, offers a delightful swim in the energizing backdrop of the world’s highest 360° infinity pool. Bask in the unique ambience, enhanced by a selection of refreshments available poolside.

Afternoon Pool Experience

When the afternoon arrives, the Afternoon Pool Experience beckons. Ideal for those seeking to immerse in the majestic 360-degree views of Dubai and enjoy a soothing swim, this experience provides a perfect blend of relaxation and visual feast.

Evening Pool Experience

As dusk falls, the Evening Pool Experience, from 8 PM to 11 PM, transforms the Aura Skypool Lounge in Dubai into an enchanting nocturnal retreat. The temperature-controlled pool, under a starlit sky, offers a tranquil setting for a leisurely swim or a relaxed dip.

Full Day Pool Experience

For the ultimate indulgence, the Full Day Pool Experience at the Aura Skypool Lounge in Dubai is incomparable. Enjoy the panoramic vistas from dawn to dusk, complemented by an extensive selection of gourmet dishes and beverages.

New Year’s Day Swim

The New Year’s Day Swim is a special celebration that amalgamates the elegance of Aura Skypool Lounge in Dubai with the thrill of ushering in a new year. Starting at noon and continuing until 7 pm, this event begins with a welcoming glass of Laurent Perrier Brut NV, setting the stage for a stylish and memorable celebration.


The Aura Skypool Lounge in Dubai is more than just a destination; it’s a journey into a world of luxury, relaxation, and unparalleled beauty. It stands as a testament to Dubai’s ability to blend the modern with the majestic, offering an experience that is both enriching and exhilarating.

Visiting the Aura Skypool Lounge in Dubai is not just about seeing a new place; it’s about experiencing a new perspective on luxury, relaxation, and enjoyment. It’s an essential stop for anyone wanting to experience the best of what Dubai has to offer.