Christmas is almost here, and if you love airsoft, or have a friend who does, and you need a new gift (or a treat for yourself) then you need to check out the following AEG: the G&G ARP9.

It is the ultimate CQB AEG, hands down. If you love the infamous G&G CM16 Raider but haven’t heard of the ARP9 yet, just wait till you see this thing.

It is light, fast, expandable, and slick. It has everything the G&G Raider offers and a little bit extra, but in a lighter, more compact package.

It features the G&G Combat Machine Raider’s polymer construction and upgradeable gearbox, paired with an inline MOSFET and ETU (electronic trigger unit) for unparalleled trigger response and control.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The ARP9 is Li-Po battery-ready, has a rotary hop-up, comes with a 300-round mag, and is capable of semi-auto, fully-auto, and 3-round burst fire capability.

It features a 6.08mm inner aluminum barrel as well as 14mm CCW barrel threads for mounting muzzle devices. It also has a CNC-anodized M-LOK rail with extra rail space above the receiver – tons of room for mounting optics, lights, lasers, and other airsoft attachments.

It’s powerful and fast, thanks to its quality internals, and, even without upgrades, can deliver muzzle velocities between 330 and 350 FPS.

But size and handling are where the ARP9 takes the cake. It’s less than 4.5 lbs (4.4 lbs total) and the thing is only 497mm in total length. That’s less than 20” – and all of 19.5”.

This makes the ARP9 marvelously compact, light, and maneuverable. It’s muzzle-light, giving it the ability to point like a flash, and it can easily accommodate the tightest, most hostile, least forgiving spaces during CQB.

And, considering the fact that it can be easily modded and upgraded, there’s a lot more you can do with it than meets the eye.

If You Like the ARP9, Check Out the ARP9 2.0
If the ARP9 is interesting to you, you’re also going to want to look into the ARP9 2.0. Like the original, it features a combination polymer/metal construction with a Version 2 upgradeable gearbox and a powerful motor.

But, this one has a GOS-V9 retractable PDW-style stock that has more room for storing the battery and is 5-position adjustable – which, for some players, is preferable. It also has a longer, 7” M-LOK rail, with additional room for attachments, and a rubberized hi-cap magazine.

Other than that, it offers a lot of the same functionality as the original ARP9.

Interested in Learning More?
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