Shopify and Shopify Plus often get touted online as “good” for search engine optimization (SEO). The thing is, they are just platforms, and no platform has SEO “built-in.” 

But there are some things Shopify does better than other platforms, and these are some of them, most of which are technical SEO ranking signals. 

● XML Sitemap – 
Shopify automatically generates an XML sitemap for your website and automatically updates it each time you add a page. 

● Speed – 
As a SaaS, Shopify is naturally very fast. There are things you can do to hamper the speed, but for most eCommerce businesses, this will be taken care of.

● Security – 
Also as a SaaS, Shopify enjoys high uptime and security. An SSL can also be easily added to your Shopify store. 

● Robots.txt file – 
The Robots.txt file lets Google and other search engines know what pages should and should not be crawled. Shopify automatically generates this file. 

● 301 redirects – 
Shopify has a “301 Redirect” feature that enables the seamless implementation of 301 redirects, preventing the loss of organic traffic whenever you change a URL. It also prevents 404 errors. 

● Mobile friendly – 
Shopify is compatible with numerous themes that are pre-configured for mobile-friendliness, which is a big deal now that Google has been mobile-first indexing for over three years. 

● Relatively open API; Compatibility with a wide range of plug-ins –
Shopify’s relatively open API is compatible not only with a wide range of business-critical third-party apps but with numerous SEO-based apps, too, which can help you further improve your website’s optimization.

● Canonical tags – 
Shopify automatically creates canonical tags, preventing penalties associated with the use of duplicate content. 

● Ease of editing on-page SEO ranking signals – 
One more thing Shopify does right is this: the platform makes it easy to edit on-page SEO ranking signals, enabling laymen to make piecemeal optimizations to an online website with calling on an SEO agency.

When and Why Would You Need Shopify SEO Services?
With all of that said and done, there are some things that no platform can optimize for you out of the gate and which will need to be optimized as you construct your eCommerce business. 

For these things, you’ll need a provider of Shopify SEO services that will perform keyword research and then optimize your Shopify store according to the following key metrics.

● Link structure – 
No platform can build links for its users. You’ll have to create a sensible internal link structure as you build your store. 

● Link-building strategy – 
Backlinks don’t come free, and you’ll either need to earn them, trade for them, or hire a Shopify SEO services provider that can sow backlinks for you. 

● Optimized content –
Optimized content has many forms, not the least of which are blogs, CMS page copy, and category and product page copy. Each of these should be optimized for readability, originality, relevant keyword density, and structure, in order to attract the highest number of organic impressions and visits. 

● Metadata – 
Titles, headers, and meta descriptions are all aspects of on-page optimization and ranking signals that should be optimized and must be on an individual basis.

● Image optimization – 
Sometimes too many large images will slow down a website; an eCommerce SEO expert can find these issues, rectify image sizes, and even optimize images with alt text.

● Ongoing optimizations/Reporting – 
Finally, a Shopify SEO expert can track current trends and fluctuations in ranking through Google Analytics and Search Console, compiling them to pull out historically significant trends that impact your store’s performance. This enables astute SEO managers to make adjustments to your SEO strategy that will pay off in the long term. 

Work with a Top-Tier Shopify SEO Services Provider 
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