Mobile notary services are quickly becoming the new standard in the industry, offering many benefits over traditional brick-and-mortar notaries. You can find a mobile notary to come to your location and serve you on the spot, which is perfect for those who need urgent document signings. Additionally, if you’re an entrepreneur who does business on the go, mobile notaries will provide one less thing for you to worry about. Their portable equipment can come directly to you with all needed for a binding signature and witness authentications with digital ID signatures.

What is Mobile Notary?

Mobile notary performs the same functions as traditional notary, but they are far easier to use. Their portable equipment allows them to serve wherever and whoever is needed, and their digital notarization services can help to reduce the time it takes for you to sign documents. In addition, with their digital ID signatures, mobile notaries can create more secure IDs and make them more trustworthy. All in all, mobile notaries offer a variety of benefits for you and your business.

Mobile & Digital ID:

In-person electronic notarization is done by entering the date and time stamp into the camera on your phone or tablet. Mobile notaries will also have an electronic document signing device that will read IDs, sign documents electronically and print official IDs instantly. These devices make it easy to notarize paperwork and quickly get you back to your busy schedule.

Mobile Notary Process:

The mobile notary process is simple, quick and convenient. They will travel to your location and proceed with the necessary document tasks promptly and professionally. Trusted platforms like Traveling Notary Glendale CA, will take all the information they need from you or anyone who needs signing documents, instructions or any other pertinent information required for their official duties. Additionally, they are knowledgeable about all the requirements needed for your state and can offer proper advice at any time during their visit with you. Then, the mobile notary will go about the necessary signing process according to your needs and bring you peace of mind once everything is completed on time.

Why choose a mobile notary:

There are plenty of reasons to choose a mobile notary over traditional notaries. Mobile notaries offer various services, from simple ID authentications and witness signings to digital signatures. In many ways, their services go beyond what a traditional notary can provide for you, your business or your clients. Additionally, mobile notaries are available when traditional offices are closed, and their portable equipment makes it easy for them to serve you on the spot.

Mobile Notary Benefits:

Mobile notaries offer plenty of benefits in comparison to traditional notary services. Their portable equipment allows them to serve wherever they need to go, and they can easily handle any request you have. Additionally, their professional service and 24/7 availability will enable you to get the documents you need in a timely, convenient manner.

With mobile notary services, you no longer have to find a traditional location for your document signings. Instead, travelling directly to your location can save money and time with a mobile notary. Overall, the mobile notary is the way of the future, so tap into its benefits today.

  1. Affordability:

Mobile notary services are less expensive than traditional notary services. For instance, if the fee for a traditional notary for an affidavit is $25, then that same notary may charge anywhere from $15 to $50 for the same transaction. Even with the lower fees, mobile notaries still offer affordable rates that can save you time and money in the long run. Mobile notaries can serve you onsite or have their equipment serve you remotely. Either way, it makes life much easier because it eliminates the need to leave your business or home for meetings and signings. In addition, mobile notary services integrate modern technology into the signing process and can save you time and money in the long run.

  • More Efficient Transactions:

Mobile notary services are much more efficient than traditional notaries. With their digital ID signatures, mobile notaries don’t require you to sign multiple documents to make each document’s official aspects valid. Instead, they need you to sign one document and place your digital ID signature on it. It makes the overall process much faster and more reliable because it eliminates the need for multiple signing of documents. Mobile notary services can be convenient for those needing documents signed quickly. A traditional notary often has a separate business or office open from 9-5 am or 6-9 pm. However, mobile notaries can still serve clients regardless of where they are located at any time.


A KM’s Mobile Notary Service is a great solution for individuals needing help with document signing. It could be something as simple as having a document signed or involving legal authentication of documents like a living will. The critical thing to take away from this article is that mobile notaries provide many benefits over traditional notaries, including affordability and efficiency.