To enjoy the amazing effects of natural herbs, using proper tool is important. Dabbing is one of the most popular methods to consume natural botanicals including cannabis as it strengthens the overall experience by inhaling the concentrated material by using various dab tools to get the desired texture and flavor of the product. And there are quite a few dabbing tools that have their own and different purposes to solve and they make the best out of that cannabis-based product! 

Here is the list of tools with their purposes that are meant to explore the best dabbing experience:

There are several steps of dabbing, and the tools ensure the easy processing of the product.  There are 6 necessary dab tools that are used to ensure the best inhaling:

Dab Rig 

Before the main process of dabbing begins, there is base device that is necessary to keep the stuff. The base is known as the dab rig. Dab rig is basically a water pipe that is fitted according to the type of consumption the customer requires. 

Dab rigs come in various sizes and shapes and all of them have a different purpose. The dab rigs can be customized, and there are ways to convert regular water pipes for dabbing use. This can be done by removing the glass bowl pieces and replacing them with dabbing attachments for a multi-use of glass accessory! 

Nail and Banger

Second and one of the most important tool for dabbing is the nail. Nail is an industrial piece that is used to apply the concentrate to the dab device. 

Banger can also be used to bring the material to the smoking device. The only difference between the banger and the nail is that the nail has a slight curve, whereas the banger has a bucket-like structure. After the consumer puts the concentrate on the banger or on the nail, then the stuff is heated on a very high temperature to exhibit the vapors. 

Carb cap 

To put it in simple words, a carb cap is a tool that is placed around the nail. This device traps the vapors that are created by heating the nail or the banger, then there is a mouthpiece attached to the carb cap to inhale the product. 

Heating Torch 

The heating torch is the most essential tool meant for dabbing. It is a portable torch that is fueled by butane. This torch is used to heat the nail, which eventually heats the weed. This tool is the ultimate tool that transfers the cannabis-based product into the inhaling form. 


 The dabber is the tool that is used to bring the concentrate to the nail. The main function of the dabber is to protect the other stuff from getting burned while heating the elements of CBD Product! It is an important piece to have so that the fingers that are nearby the heating device don’t get burned or hurt. 

Mess Cleanup 

The last tool which we are going to talk about is the mess clean up tool. There are two options that come under the mess cleanup devices- the tag or a mat, and the second is the silicone jar. The rag or a mat is placed under the area where the process will take place and the second is the silicone jar that helps remove the sticky component from the nail and transfer it to the jar. 

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