The primary space wherever an organisation is probably going to fail an ISO 27001 audit is in documentation. This may mean that necessary documents are missing, out of date, o, unpublished! you’ll fail an audit if a needed document falls under any of those categories.

Did you recognize that the common information security breach takes less time to tug off than it will to organize a cup of coffee? 93% of booming data breaches occur in lower than one minute. Yet, 80% of ISO Certification companies take weeks to comprehend a breach has occurred. Crime is on the increase in today’s digital associate degreed information-driven world, and with new technological developments each day, hackers are finding innovative ways in which to compromise your confidential data. 

Basic strategies to safeguard yourself are not any longer enough and will value you your business. you have got probably detected regarding a number of the most important data breaches in history with victims as well as giants like Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Facebook, however you almost certainly suppose it’ll ne’er happen to you. once all, if you’re an SME (small-medium-enterprise), you’ll surprise why cybercriminals would target your business at all.

Recently, hackers broken the shieldion of communications company, T-Mobile. The attack exposed the data of quite forty million people, as well as names, birthdays, Social Security numbers, and driver’s license information. The breach demonstrates that notwithstanding the dimensions of your business, failing to stay your information assets safe will have serious implications. 

ISO 27001: Information Security

ISO 27001 is that the international commonplace that helps organizations manage and protect their information assets.

So, thereupon in mind, keeping your information assets secure ought to be your favorite priority. however, if the on top of examples aren’t enough to alarm you, grab a brew and stick around for 5 reasons why maintaining ISO 27001 ought to be at the highest of your kerfuffle list this month. 

  1. Prices related to an information Breach

There are potential monetary implications associated with a data breach, for example, legal fees, investigation and PR costs, and a risk of upper insurance premiums. 

Additionally to this, your business may well be hit with vast fines. the united kingdom’s GDPR and DPA 2018 set a fine of £17.5 million or 4% of annual world turnover – whichever is that larger – for infringements.

  1. Reputational Harm

A security breach poses a greater threat than simply impacting short revenue, the reputational repercussions will last for much longer than the short-term fine, inflicting customers, each existing and unaccustomed lose trust.

albeit your company’s data breach isn’t precisely breaking news, you continue to face public condemnation and discontent with customers, or current former customers. Forbes rumored that 46% of organizations suffered reputational damage as a result of an information breach. So, uncalled-for to mention it pays to keep up your ISO 27001 standard, or else you face detrimental long ramifications, symptom your brand. 

  1. Loss of Revenue

If you’re an organization that only depends on sales from its eCommerce platform, and you don’t maintain your ISO 27001 standard, unhealthy news…the loss of revenue from a web site outage may well be very costly.

Amazon experienced  a website scathe in 2013. Despite solely lasting forty minutes, they lost $66,240 per minute, nearly $5 million bucks in lower than one hour.

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  1. Unwanted Content on Your website

There are totally different motivations for a security breach, monetary gain, political, couldbe|or perhaps} for entertainment. Some hackers may vandalise your website, and albeit it’s a couple of words changed, may} be even more durable to notice.

In some instances, a hacker may add unwanted pictures or text on your website, departure potential customers confused and sure to form a Iso Registrar exit. Not ideal. 

  1. Loss of property

So, you’re functioning on an enormous project that is very confidential, and your data assets are compromised. It’s not uncommon for hackers to focus on designs, strategies, and blueprints. Your purloined intellectual property could end in your business losing its competitive edge, and a few rivals would not hesitate to require advantage of this.


Overall, maintaining ISO 27001 allows your business to avoid pricey penalties related to non-compliance conjointly with the monetary losses ensuing from information breaches. It also prevents reputational harm that may last a lifetime.

At Iso Registrar Certification, our friendly auditors guarantee your business remains protected.