Some birds are very beautiful to look at and they usually sing beautiful songs. Others are pretty but ugly, loud and noisy, or even scary to watch. These birds make loud calls. Some people think that all birds are alike. Some people think they are just birds that sing songs.

People who own shrikes are very proud of their pets. They make shrikes as a reminder of how tough and cruel the world can be. They like to make fun of people and they do it with their beautiful birds. Shrikes kill their prey then they stab them with their spiky beaks.

What’s in a name? A shrike’s name reflects how fierce the metal birds is. A shrike is called a shrike because it’s the type of bird that is supposed to stab and kill other birds. It gets its name from the word shikari. The shikari means hunter. People call the bird the shrike because it makes sounds similar to those made by a real shrike.

A shrike may seem like a cute little bird but it’s one of the most vicious birds. The shrike is known to hunt small animals like mice, lizards, and even frogs. The shrike is not afraid of anything. It will go after all of these types of animals.

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