There are many ways to style coffee tables

Despite its name, a Coffee tables in pakistan does not have to serve you only to put down a brown, hot drink there. This seemingly simple piece of furniture can have many functions. By awakening your inner decorator, you can change the purpose of your coffee table as often as you like. You must know that styling ideas are endless, and only your imagination can limit you. You can style a coffee table simply by placing a work of art or a bouquet of fresh and fragrant flowers on it. But if there are so many different coffee table styling possibilities, how do you choose the best one for your interior design?

We are here to help you, so here is a handful of tips and inspirations to help you with your coffee table arrangement. Have fun!

Turn It Into a Small Library

magazines on brown wooden coffee table

Maybe, for some, books should lay on shelves, but if you are a compulsive reader and want to be surrounded by fine words on all sides, a small coffee table library wouldn’t be the worst idea. Think of book covers of your home-library books, and try to put the most attractive ones on top. We can call those readable pieces of art “coffee table books“, and some are fashion or art albums designed to be displayed. From the beginning, those books were intended to be design elements, certainly not so that they can lie forgotten on a dusty bookcase.

Put Some Flowers on It

two coffee tables with a pot-plant on it

If you put a lot of effort into perfect home decor, then staying inside the house, even for a long time, would be indeed a pleasure. However, we all need a piece of nature in our surroundings. Beautiful wildflowers or elegant roses in a vase make any living room seem more colourful and welcoming. But remember that cut flowers are short-lived. It’s better to invest in a small potted plant that will be just enough for the whole coffee table decor. A stylish flower pot or vase are the essential items you want to display on your table. Go crazy with the look. They may resemble fancy sculptures!

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In Layers We Trust!

three wooden coffee tables in the living room in front of the white sofa

Layering decorative objects is the way to add a new dimension to your space. Combine and showcase different accessories at varying heights and create the illusion of multiple levels. Note that a not-so-obvious layer can be a seating pouffe tucked under a coffee table – it’s a pro tip for using up any available space and creating an extra seating area. You can also layer coffee tables by having a few tables in the same style that you can put one under another!

Coffee Table Tray

white coffee table with openable top

A table tray is one of those decorating ideas that help us keep everything in order. Even the smallest items will stay in place if you need to move the coffee table to, for example, change the living room sofa in the living room into a bed for your guests that are staying. This should come as no surprise: when conversations are pleasant and red wine is unexpectedly opened – finding a place for guests to sleep is a must. Instead of trays, two-tiered coffee table will provide you with the space to store items that you don’t want to always have in view. Also! Tables with built-in drawers and with hidden compartments for trinkets will work perfectly without a tray!

Get the Whole Set of Coffee Tables

a set of three coffee tables with a plant and newspapers on top

Having a full set of similar tables – it is one of the best eye-catching tips for styling! What is the main advantage of a setting of this kind? Those tables do not have to work in sets. You can arrange one in the living room, the second in the hallway, and the third one can serve you as an original bedside table. There is no one way to arrange a given space. So, imagine your home is your playground, and have fun with objects, colour schemes, and textures.

Keep It Simple

a black and brown coffee table in front of a white sofa

Who says you have to set anything up here? Ways to style your coffee table are endless. But it’s your interior and your rules. Therefore, you can focus on a single item that you place right in the middle. Anything placed in a focal point will definitely draw your guests’ attention. So choose something that you want to display prominently, such as a beautifully bound book or… a bowl of sweets! You can be sure that nobody will pass by such a combination without reaching for a treat! Keep it simple by choosing a glass or steel table, whose austerity will keep the room’s design clear.

…or Keep It Occupied

a brown wooden coffee table cluttered with a magazines, books and candles

Well, you can have a coffee table display in your living room with all the things that happen to come to your mind. Change the design every few days and keep the things you need within easy reach. Go crazy with the placement of things on your coffee table. Especially, if your home is in a contemporary or farmhouse style. Wooden coffee tables go well with these decors and are perfect for both newer and older cosy interiors. Any coffee table made of wood will not get overwhelmed by an excess of objects. On the contrary, it will cope well with this apparent chaos and calm the overall look with its soothing texture.

Sculptures on Top

a minimalistic wooden coffee table in an empty room

Countless options of a coffee table styling may be overwhelming, but if you are leaning into the simplicity of a neatly styled coffee table – one or two similar sculptures on it might be the way for you. Introduce some meditative calmness to your life by picking an impressive figurine to contemplate.