Also known as a web SEO manager, SEM/SEO, or SEO manager, the Google SEO consultant can become essential to the success of a business. Thanks to its expertise and know-how, it helps to develop the notoriety and visibility of the business.

Indeed, with the evolution of digital professions, many marketing professions are emerging such as the digital project manager, traffic manager, social media manager, SEO consultant, or even CRM manager, therefore, they play a crucial role in the evolution of companies. Natural SEO experts must therefore be an integral part of your business strategy. They are in charge of optimizing your site to position it in search engines.

What are the missions of an SEO consultant?

Analyse sites

A consultant analyses the websites to make all possible improvements. It gives advice and recommendations to gain visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. We carry out an SEO audit, an SEO course in Birmingham, to look at all the important elements and identify the points that require improvement.

Advise on all essentials

As a general rule, recommendations are made on existing content, writing, semantic field, themes addressed, internal and external links, meta tags, marketing campaigns, net linking, social networks as well as the trends of natural reference, PPC services Birmingham.

But, you also have to look at achieving with all SEO techniques and strategies. Faced with these many elements, an SEO expert must consider the on-page site, i.e. the internal elements, and the off-page site, the external data.

Comply with SEO rules

Alongside analyses, strategies, and implementations, natural referencing professionals must produce reports. These documents allow customers to ensure that the work has been carried out. This review is also a good way to understand which actions have been successful and which are best avoided.

Demonstrate pedagogy

Companies can ask an SEO consultant, SEO training institute Birmingham, to train the teams in-house. As the studies are under development, training by a professional can be relevant and strategic. Therefore, we sometimes ask SEO experts to integrate good practices into the operation of the company and to train employees. However, this approach requires time and investment. To go faster, many companies prefer to use specialized agencies.

How does an SEO consultant work?

The main objective of SEO professionals, a Birmingham-based digital marketing firm, is to develop the digital presence of the sites concerned. Nevertheless, the characters and personalities are different depending on each one. The approaches may therefore vary, but the basis of work remains the same:

· SEO audit: understand what are the strengths and weaknesses

· Analysis of the technical structure: ergonomics, speed, and beacons.

· Keywords: based on customer preferences, industry, competition, trends, and user behaviour

· Net linking strategy: to ensure a good digital reputation and increased visibility

Regarding communications, these are different if you use an agency or a freelancer. In this second case, the customer is required to speak by telephone, SMS, e-mail, voice messages, or video conference (via Skype or Zoom).

The choice is made according to the preferences and needs of both parties.

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