Society is constantly evolving. Consequently, the way students learn changes, and their needs are not the same as ten years ago. Therefore, the circumstances of each educational center, teacher training, and the characteristics of the students justify the need for continuous teacher training. In this way, education can be adapted to the reality of the moment.

Why is continuing professional training necessary?

Nobody doubts the importance of continuous training in any professional field. Staying updated is essential, Teaching Job, especially in the educational world. On the one hand, education professionals must be up to date in terms of knowledge, and teacher training. And, on the other hand, they have to face situations that demand attention, concentration and that usually cause work stress.

This need for constant updating makes training a lifelong process. In this sense, training must be permanent because not all the skills that are needed in professional life are obtained in initial training.

Current Situation

Hence, the current situation of the labor market pushes many students to receive training at the end of their degree. The offer of master’s degrees, postgraduate courses, and specialization courses is very varied.

In this teacher training way, you can find everything from lines of general specialization to offers designed to cover specific jobs.

Regarding active workers and companies, the majority are aware that continuous training throughout life is almost essential today. Thus, for example, they will be able to adapt to the new demands presented by jobs.

Challenges of continuous teacher training

Continuous training requires permanent recycling. Not only in terms of knowledge of a specific area of ​​teaching but also terms of teaching methodology and the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).

For this reason, experts point out a series of challenges facing the continuous training of teachers:

Needs in the new educational era

It is necessary to improve the detection of the needs: of the center itself, of the teaching team, or the professional individually.

It is essential to adapt continuous teacher training to real needs. If courses are offered that do not have a real application on a day-to-day basis, then we are not doing anything.

Update in tools

Teachers must be up to date on how the students they educate move. For example, their likes and hobbies, their way of expressing themselves, A1 exam their language, their anguish, etc. It is necessary to consider how continuous training can give the teacher tools to enter this world.

In recent years, ICT courses aimed at teachers are some of the most sought-after. Teachers have realized the need to educate themselves digitally, and all this requires up-to-date teacher training in this field.

Teacher evaluation

Evaluation is another of the challenges of continuous training. It is not only a matter of evaluating the effectiveness of the ongoing training that is received but also of providing instruments that the teacher can use for self-assessment of their work.


Finally, it is important to keep in mind that the people who give the training must be professionals. This refers to the fact that they must master the subject they teach and be aware of the student profile to adapt the knowledge to their needs.

In short, continuous teacher training is one of the criteria that define the quality of education. It is important not only to learn new formats and content but also how flattering this will be for students. The development of skills in students requires a change in the teaching function, which is linked to continuous training in skills, abilities, and aptitudes.

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