Gift cards have become popular over the years. 

They have been seen in almost every store and are a great way to gift someone without going overboard. However, with their popularity also comes the reality that people can easily misuse them. 

These are some common mistakes made by people when gifting gift cards.

In this article, we will be telling you about the 6 biggest mistakes people make when selling gift cards and how you can avoid them.

Not Giving Enough Value To The Gift Card

A gift card is an all-around gift that can be given to anyone [it’s like multipotentiality].

However, there are a few mistakes you should avoid when giving a gift card as a present.

 Not giving value to gift cards is one of the most common mistakes people make.

When someone gets a gift card, he or she typically expects to spend the entire value on the card.

 But it is important to note that gift cards come with specific terms and conditions, and you cannot use them the same way you would use cash.

 For example,

Many gift cards come with spending limits and expiration dates. Therefore, you should not give a card with an insufficient amount or with an excessively high value.

Another mistake people tend to make is giving gift cards that aren’t specific to their interests or needs.

For example, if someone loves fashion but does not have much money to spend on it, you could get him or her a gift card for a shopping experience.

But it wouldn’t be fair to give someone a gift card worth thousands of dollars if they don’t like shopping or don’t have any interest in fashion. 

Additionally, if you’re buying someone an expensive item such as a car or house, you should get him or her a credit card instead of a gift card.

Another mistake people make is gifting cards that have expired for an extended period of time. 

These cards may appear new and unused, but they often carry fees and expiration dates that have already passed.

Finally, by not providing enough information about the gift card, such as the recipient’s account number or expiration date, you’re sending mixed signals about its validity and usefulness in making purchases.

Making It Difficult For The Recipient To Use The Gift Card

If you’re selling a gift card, there are several things you can do to make it as easy and seamless as possible for the recipient to use the card.

Restricting the number of times the card can be used is one way to ensure that the recipient uses the card only once. 

Making it difficult to redeem the card online or in-store is another way to make it as easy as possible for the recipient to use their gift card. 

Requiring a minimum purchase amount before the card can be used is another way to ensure that they don’t have to spend more than necessary.

Making sure that only certain merchants accept gift cards is also an important step in making your gift card sale easy and seamless for the recipient.

Take these steps to ensure that your gift card sale is a success and that everyone leaves happy.

Promoting The Gift Card Sale Through Newsletters, Social Media, Or Email Blasts

If you’re selling gift cards, there are a few mistakes you should avoid.

First, not including a gift card purchase option on your website is a grave mistake.

It can frustrate customers and potentially lead to them giving up on purchasing a gift card in the first place.

Secondly, not including a gift card purchase option on your contact forms is another big mistake to make. 

It can limit customer options and lead to issues with conversions and overall sales. Not including a gift card purchase option in email marketing campaigns is another big no-no. 

This limits the ability of your email marketing to be effective, which can lead to lower sales overall. 

Lastly, sending unsolicited email offers featuring gift cards is also wrong. This sends the message that the gift card is more valuable than it actually is, which could decrease the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

 By following these pointers, you can ensure that your gift card sale goes smoothly and is profitable for both you and your customer.

Charging Too Much For The Gift Card

  •  Charging more than the value of the gift card

When selling gift cards, it’s important to charge a fair price and make sure the cost is clear on the gift card itself. 

If customers aren’t informed about the cost of a gift card, they may feel as though you are charging an exorbitant amount for it.

 Additionally, if you sell gift cards for less than their value, you could be opening yourself up to the fraudulent activity and harm your reputation as a trustworthy business.

  • Not including a receipt or gift card holder with the purchase

Selling gift cards without receipts or gift card holders can also lead to confusion among customers and cause them to question whether they received their money’s worth.

 A receipt or a gift card holder makes it clear which store sold the card and how much it costs, making it easier for customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

  • Failing to properly package the gift card

When selling gift cards, it’s essential that you properly package them so that they arrive in good condition and don’t become damaged during transit. 

A secure seal on the gift card should be visible upon arrival and any marketing materials attached to it should be clean and free from scratches.

Additionally, customers should be able to easily open and redeem their gift cards without any issues.

  • Making it difficult for the recipient to redeem the gift card

Making it difficult for recipients to redeem their gift cards is another common misstep among merchants who sell them. 

When using a gift card program, there are guidelines that must be followed in order to ensure that customers have an easy time using their cards.

If these guidelines aren’t followed, people could become frustrated by obstacles like lost or forgotten PIN numbers or expired dates on their cards. 

Leaving The Purchase Process Up To The Buyer

If you’re a gift card seller, you likely know of the many mistakes that can be made in the process of selling gift cards. 

Here are six common mistakes to avoid when selling gift cards.

  1. Not informing buyers of the card’s expiration date

. When selling gift cards, it’s important to include an expiration date on the card so that customers are aware of when the card’s value will be lost.

 Plus, it provides a sense of security and reassures customers that their money is being used wisely.

  1. Not including a toll-free phone number for customers to call in case of problems. 

When selling gift cards, it’s crucial to provide customers with a phone number where they can reach customer service for help. 

This helps ensure that customers are able to receive any assistance they may need.

  1. Not issuing a card with a unique purchase code. 

This is another common mistake when selling gift cards.

 It’s vital for sellers to include a unique purchase code on the card so that customers know which gift card they’ve purchased and can use it accordingly.

  1. Selling cards without an activation code.

 When selling gift cards, it’s important to include an activation code on the card so that customers can use the value immediately upon receiving their card.

  1. Selling cards that have been canceled or revoked by the issuer.

 When selling gift cards, it’s vital for sellers to inform customers of any issues with their card before completing the sale, such as if a customer had reported their card as stolen or lost by the issuer.


While gift cards do make great gifts, if you’re giving them to someone who doesn’t know much about gift card sales, they’re probably not doing much for your relationship with them. 

Take a look at the above mistakes and ensure you don’t repeat any of them.

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Happy gifting!