Have you been noticing recently that your car’s acceleration isn’t as powerful as it used to be? Or maybe you’ve noticed that blue/grey smoke coming out of your exhaust system? These are just two of many signs and symptoms that maybe it’s time that you replaced your turbocharger.

However, maybe the dilemma you’re facing now isn’t whether to replace your turbocharger or not, but what to replace it with. After all, there are a lot of aftermarket turbos available these days that it’s difficult to pinpoint, exactly, what sets each one apart.

One brand that’s definitely worth looking at and checking out, though, is Rotomaster. Here’s why:

1. Decades Worth of Experience in the Industry
The folks who founded Rotomaster actually started out as authorized distributors (called ADP Distributors) and remanufacturers of Garrett Turbochargers way back in 1978. Throughout the years they served the market with precision-built O.E. turbochargers and continued to grow all the way up towards the late 1990s.

During the 1990s, the company saw that aftermarket turbos were growing short in supply due to dropped support. The founder of ADP Distributors saw this as an opportunity to begin designing and manufacturing their own turbochargers. After all, they’d already had 20 years of experience in remanufacturing and reverse engineering turbochargers. It was this experience that helped give them the success that they continue to see to this day.

2. They Are Turbocharger and Component Specialists
Throughout the years, Rotomaster gained a reputation for being able to provide high-quality turbochargers and accessories for both light-duty vehicles and heavy-duty offroad ones. Having years of experience engineering, manufacturing, and testing turbochargers, Rotomaster has been able to service a wide range of vehicles, including those used for industrial, marine, and commercial transport, not to mention they also have components and turbos available for cars, light vehicles and trucks. It’s this wide range that really earns them the title “The Turbocharger and Component Specialists”.

3. They Continue to Innovate
One reason Rotomaster remains at the top of their game throughout the decades is the fact that they continue to innovate and reinvent themselves to suit the market. In 2002, they relaunched their brand and gave the market access not only to affordable aftermarket turbochargers, but components, service kits, and cartridges as well.

In 2010 they then entered the passenger car market, providing turbochargers to North American passenger cars and light trucks. They also ventured into the powersports market with their turbochargers, increasing their growth and distribution to various vehicle and car owners and industries.

If there’s anything you can be certain of when it comes to Rotomaster turbochargers, it’s that they’re made with the same exceptional quality and care as they were decades ago. Their innovative spirit had even caught the eye of CARDONE industries, which was a leader in automotive aftermarket replacement parts. In 2017, the two formed a partnership, and both now offer one of the widest selections of new and remanufactured products for practically all types of light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles.

So if you’re looking for a quality and decent turbocharger to replace your current one, then check out Rotomaster turbos online from one of your trusted distributors.